How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: What to Wear

family-photo-shootYour family is incredible, and you know that you want to capture each moment perfectly. Taking photos with your phone is great, but what about professional family photography?

Getting professional photos done can be daunting for many because they aren’t sure how to prepare for a session. I want to set you at complete ease by providing you with a three-part series called How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography.

In today’s instalment, I am going to look at what you should wear to your beautiful session.

4 Things You Should Wear for Professional Family Photography

What to wear is a question so many families ask before getting professional family photography. And sometimes, this very question is what keeps so many from getting photos taken.

Here are a few tips just for you to make it easy!

  1. Wear Relaxing Comfortable Clothing for Outdoor Photography

I adore outdoor photography and so many of my clients do too. When it comes to getting photos taken outdoors, you should always make sure to wear something comfortable.

This will help your photos go perfectly, and you will feel incredibly relaxed when wearing comfortable clothes. This is also wonderful when you have reluctant teens or children who might get upset or fussy wearing something they don’t like. 

  1. Wear Seasonally Appropriate Clothing

Wearing seasonally appropriate clothing is tops when it comes to professional family photography.

Many people put off getting their Christmas card photos taken until summer is here. This means that all the cute, festive Christmas clothing is just too hot to wear.

I always suggest for clients to get Christmas photos taken in the winter, to help get perfect photos and save on a big rush as the holiday approaches.

No matter the season, wear something that is perfect for the weather. 

  1. Loose Fitting Clothing Makes Everyone Feel More Relaxed

Do you want to feel relaxed when you get your photos taken? Of course!

The best way to ensure you are relaxed is to wear loose fitting clothing. Something that is too tight or constricting can make photo sessions uncomfortable. But, if your clothing is loose, you will feel like smiling and will be immensely relaxed with your family. 

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes to Stand and Walk Around In

We all tend to think about clothing when we discuss what to wear for professional family photography. However, so many ignore wearing the right shoes.

Since you will be standing and walking around, you should always make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. Flats are the best, as well as shoes with great arch supports. 

Get Your Gorgeous Family Photos Today

If you have more questions about what you should wear for your professional family photographs, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I love talking to my clients and helping them get the best out of their images. Call me today and we can chat all about your session!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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