Print Box Sets

Kiss Photography produce Print Box Sets which offer Brisbane families flexibility and choice.

Print Box Sets are timeless, flexible and instantly become precious family heirlooms.

We often don’t think of Print Box Sets when we think “family portraits”.

Instead we tend to think of “big stuff” on the walls – but that doesn’t always work so easily with these scenarios…

  • You might be planning to move house in the next year
  • Or maybe you are currently in-between houses
  • Your family is on an overseas posting, working abroad, and your home contents are in storage
  • Planning some extended time touring the country, micro retirement maybe?
  • Or alternatively you know you’re overdue for some family portraits but are not sure you of what you’d like as the finished product..

Print Box Sets are perfect for…

Print box sets offer the ultimate in flexibility when you want to make sure your family memories are secure.

  • you don’t have to limit yourself and cut out the extra portraits you love
  • they can be stored for individual hanging later, as time permits
  • you can enjoy variety and different looks from your shoot
  • a collection is easier to share with family down the track..
  • they are easier for travelling families (a perfect memento of your family time abroad)

Updating your family’s portraits

Often families want get an update of their portraits every 3 – 5 years but may not have made the final decision on where they want to hang them due to life changes..

Print Box Sets are perfect if your family is in a transitional phase e.g. your kids are rapidly approaching University age!

They work well because at least you have captured the time now, as well as giving yourself the opportunity to cover the bases.

For example.. your teenagers might be getting close to finishing secondary school and they are talking about traveling overseas to study.

This is a very important time for your family and you’ll want to capture it.

Often what happens is you don’t realise how beautiful the images will look, and with a print box set you can have them all :)

You will experience joy and love every time you open your family print box set.

Every time you open your family’s print box set your heart will flutter with joy!

The gorgeous images in your print box set collection may be:

  • the whole family in a couple of styles
  • one of all the kids together
  • one portrait of the parents together (because it’s been years!)
  • a  fun character shot of the kids with each parent
  • And very importantly.. a contemporary character portrait of  (your child) or children

In my experience this is the selection most families decide on and you’ll find it protects you from regrets later on.

You don’t want to find yourself saying ” I wish we had got a shot of… when we were back having them taken..”

Who takes the photo’s in your family? Often you’ll find that there is always one person that is not in the family snaps – and it’s usually Mum!

Don’t let this happen! I can guarantee in the future your kids will ask why they don’t have any lovely images of you!

Precious Family heirlooms

The other thing that you don’t realise at the time is that your box set of images will become a precious family heirloom.

And.. you’ll find that they’ll be preciously shared amongst the family later on in life, along with the jewellery and antiques.

Professionally finished portraits

will ensure that your images will last a lifetime and not fade away in a few years or wont be lost in cyber space.

  • They are great because you can get a series of special images that you can put away for when you are ready to hang them and they are still in perfect condition.
  • They will become precious memories and can be shared out with the family
  • 10 photo’s in a box set is often enough to cover every set up a regular sized family
  • The print box is perfect for storing your photos until they are framed and up on display

So don’t put off your family portraits any longer, print box sets are perfect for covering all bases and making sure that (most importantly) you have captured your family, beautifully, today!

As a specialist of Family Photography in Brisbane I’d love to help you with your portraits, feel free to get in touch here.

Let me know what images you imagine for your print box set by commenting below, or by sharing socially with the social buttons.

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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