Recreating Old Family Photographs: Keeping Tradition Alive

black-white-photographyRecreating old family photographs is an incredible trend that many people enjoy doing. It can be done in a hilarious fashion, as I’m sure you’ve seen with some of the viral photos going around. However, recreating old family photographs can also be the perfect way to capture the past with newer family members, creating long lasting memories to go with the existing ones. This is something I love doing for my clients. I’ve had several opportunities from posing children the same way their mum and her siblings were posed at their ages to capturing the similarities of old black and white photographs throughout multiple generations in newer portraits. Let’s take a look at why recreating old family photographs is such a wonderful idea for you and your family!

  1. You Will See How Things Change, Yet Stay the Same

When you recreate old photos, you will get the chance to see some amazing changes of those in your family, and even amongst the scenery if taken in the same place. This is incredibly amazing because you may not realize just how much has changed; it is a wonderful thing to see! However, you will also get the chance to see just how many things stayed the same or even see how your children look just like your mother or father, or even great-grandparents when they were children. It is incredible how much changes, as well as how much things don’t throughout the years. 

  1. It Forms a Great Tradition for Your Family

Many families used to have the tradition of getting photographs of their children at certain ages, which makes it perfect for you to continue. This gives you the chance to see your whole family lined up at the same age and can create a great collection. I had one client that had amazing hand-coloured black and white photographs of her family at certain ages throughout the years.These were absolutely stunning, and she wanted to recreate this tradition as best as possible. It worked out gorgeously, which made a great addition to her older photographs. 

  1. Recreating Old Photographs Produces Gorgeous Photos for Collections

In the digital age, we are moving away from having stunning photo collections. This will be tragic for future generations because they will not have the same access to old family photographs like we do now. When recreating old family photographs, you are making sure that your family has physical copies of photos to add to collections. This creates something that will live on for generations, and won’t be lost to the digital age. 

Recreating old family photographs is a great way to keep memories alive and make new ones with your family. If you have favourite photos you would like to recreate, simply give me a call and we can chat about them and what you want. We can go to similar locations if the photos were taken in the Brisbane area, and we can do our best to recreate the scene! Take this opportunity to create new memories along with your existing ones.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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