Recreating Old Family Portraits

Old family portraits are fun to recreate to compare a time gone by.Family portraits are a must for every family, but sometimes you might be stuck on just how to pose for your portraits. However, you might be able to gather some incredible ideas based off of old family portraits you have in your family. Recreating old family portraits is an excellent photo opportunity for your family and adds a great touch to all of your portraits. The photographs will look incredible hanging on your walls next to the old photographs, and in photo books, as well. I am going to take a look at a few ways recreating old family portraits is a perfect idea for you and just how amazing the portraits will be for you and your family!

Recreating Old Family Portraits through Traditional Shots

A very popular method of recreating old family portraits for many of my clients is recreating various traditions their families have had for years. This can be a portrait at all of the age milestones for children such as newborn, when your baby starts walking, two years old, and each milestone after. In fact, some of my clients have a few photographs of them at certain ages and want to recreate these, creating a great tradition for their children, giving them something amazing to look back at when they are all older, and maybe a little greyer. Some families even have specific locations that they want to use in photographs to add more to the tradition of the portraits.

An example of this is a client of mine had a gorgeous photograph with her sister when they were children, she wanted her children to pose the same way in the same spot and it was absolutely magnificent. It was in a local Brisbane spot, and I was able to capture some gorgeous images. It was incredible to see the changes behind the girls, from the road looking different to the vastly different cars all around, yet still recreating that excellent memory for this lady and her children. 

Generational Photographs Are Stunning Portraits

Another popular way my clients go about recreating old family portraits is by getting generational portraits taken. This can either be mimicking poses from parents or grandparents or can be having everyone together in one portrait. Generational portraits are perfect for families because they can capture old family photographs while also giving you the opportunity to get everyone in your family in a portrait before the older individuals pass away.

A good example of this is one client of mine (and the oldest I’ve photographed) was 100 years old. I was able to do portraits for her and her family at the home her father built many years ago. This was a gorgeous session, capturing some beautiful memories. In fact, I was able to get four generations in one photograph, creating a simply stunning memory for everyone. This turned out to be something the family greatly appreciated because their dear loved one passed away a few months after. They now have these portraits to remember her and their time with her. 

Until Next Time

Do you have some gorgeous photographs you would like to recreate? Then contact me, and we can chat about locations, times of day, and anything else that would go into capturing and recreating old family portraits. I’d love to see the portrait(s) and hear your family stories, as well! Contact me today to set up a session.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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