Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part1)

Sept11“We need family portraits, but we can wait a few months.” A few months pass and before you know it, next year is here. Does this sound familiar? I know of so many families who go through this each year, and many never get family portraits taken until everyone is much older. Getting family portraits is something I know many families want, and portraits are perfect mementos and family heirlooms. I always encourage families to get portraits; it isn’t hard and can be done quickly! I’m going to look at why getting family portraits done now is a great idea and why you shouldn’t wait until later.

Getting Family Portraits While Everyone Is Young Is Pretty Important

Getting family portraits while you and your children are all younger is an excellent idea, and something many families wish they did. I’ve photographed families who waited years to get their portraits taken, and their children were well into their twenties. The families didn’t have professional photographs of their children throughout their lives, which is something many now regret. I know all of my clients would like great, professional photographs of their children, which is why I always encourage them to get family portraits. 

Different Life Stage Portraits for Families Show Growth

One of the best ideas for getting family portraits is doing different life stage photographs. This is something my clients love to look back through and watch as their families grow. I also enjoy seeing everyone come back three to five years later and seeing how much they’ve all changed! I’ve photographed a mother and son once a year for fifteen years before they moved, which provided some excellent portraits of them both. I’ve also photographed a couple for their engagement, before their wedding, at their wedding, and their children a few years later. They were all so grateful to do this because they all now have incredible photos to share with future generations. They also enjoy looking back through the photos, reliving fond memories. 

Family Photographs Are Perfect Heirlooms

When you think about getting family portraits and start to brush it off, remember that they make incredible family heirlooms. If you get family portraits throughout various life stages or every three to five years, you are giving future generations the ability to look through your old photographs and treasure them for generations. Your grandchildren will love looking through them, and generations a hundred years ago from now will enjoy it just as much if not more. In fact, think about how you feel when you look through your old family portraits – do you enjoy it? How much do you treasure those portraits? 

Until Next Time

If you plan on getting family portraits, give me a call, and we can chat about the different photos, locations, and how to prepare your family. We can even set up tentative dates in the future to make sure you keep getting family portraits, and do not push them off. In fact, I have several families who do this so that they don’t forget. It is a great way to continue getting those portraits for your family now and in the future. Contact me today!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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