Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part2)

smile-for-the-cameraPutting off family photographs is something that many families do. I’ve taken several photographs of people who were getting family portraits taken for the first time, and their children were all grown! This is something so many of my families want to avoid, and I want to avoid it as well. Getting photographs taken with everyone together throughout your lives is such a perfect idea, and I just love taking these photographs for my wonderful clients.Why should you get photographs taken when you and your children are young? Let me answer that for you and show you why getting family portraits now is the best idea!

You Will Love Getting Family Portraits When Everyone is Young

Some of the most fun photography sessions are when I get families with young children. There is so much life and laughter, and it is a great chance for the families to capture their children at different ages. As I said earlier, I’ve taken family pictures long after the children have grown, and, while the session was fun, the parents realised how much they wanted photographs when the children were younger. When you get photographs at a younger age, you have all the energy in the world to play and laugh with your children. You will get gorgeous photographs with everyone giggling; you can even bring the family dog for more fun! 

Life Stage Portraits are Perfect for Family Photographs

One of my favourite ways to take family portraits is to do life stage photographs for families. Many of my clients absolutely love this as well. I had one mother and son who had their portraits taken every year for fifteen years. This was beautiful and really showed the growth of both! The family has moved away, but my client is so happy she has all of these incredible life stage photographs of her and her son. Another way my clients do life stage photographs is getting family portraits taken every three to five years. This is a great way to see the growth and changes within your family, capturing gorgeous memories that will last a lifetime. 

Create Gorgeous Heirlooms for Future Generations

I have several wonderful, old photographs of my family from years and years ago. I love and cherish these pictures because of the history surrounding them. When getting family portraits, you are not only getting them for the people here and now, but you are creating an opportunity to give future generations glimpses of what you were like “back then.” Grandchildren love looking through old photographs, and in a hundred years’ time, these will be images that will be greatly treasured by your family. 

Getting family portraits is such a great opportunity to spend time with each other and make beautiful memories. You will enjoy every chance you get to laugh and smile in whichever location you choose. Call me today and we can chat about your session, and I will gladly give you tips on making the most of your day with everyone!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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