Unique Portrait Framing Projects

One unique portrait framing project idea is to have them in antique frames.Some of the families that I have worked with have wonderful ideas about how to display their portraits. One particular couple who had just had their first baby had a great idea.

While we were planning the new baby portraits together, they also mentioned that their family were also coming over for Christmas. It was going to be a special time when his parents and her parents would all come together, as well as all the siblings. A big family reunion! The wonderful thing was that both of their parents were in their late 80s and 90s and they were still happy, vital and healthy, so it was going to be the perfect opportunity for some history shots.

Antique looking frames are great for portraits!

One day the daughter happened to find these two gorgeous antique round carved frames with flowers in an old junk shop. She showed them to me and they were perfect to use for portraits! We discussed what to put in them. Her idea was a gorgeous portrait of her mum and dad and his mum and dad to put in those frames, antique style; it was a wonderful idea! So on the day of the family reunion, we took separate portraits of both of their parents

Clothing should go with the antique theme

Like the clothing for the reunion portrait session, the clothes for the antique shots had to be just right. I made sure to help them select clothing that wasn’t too modern, to suit the historic theme. We settled on clothing that was plain, it was softer, sort of soft toned colours for the ladies – dresses with flowing sleeves.
With the fathers we stayed away the style of shirts that you see most older men wear today, you know the ones.. the ones that have checkers on them and stripes – they’re very loud and they would not suit the plan for the photograph. We made sure that the fathers wore business shirts that were plain and that they had soft colours. The portraits were going to be sepia-toned and this combination worked perfectly.

A hundred year old look that is stunning!

I printed the portraits into a big square and got the framer to fit them into this round frame. The beautiful portraits were put up on the bedroom wall along with the other antique styled photographs. They created a modern antique portrait of each of their sets of parents and they looked like a hundred years old.

Let us help you with your unique portrait framing project next time when we shoot your family portraits.So keep an eye out for some unique portrait framing ideas for your next portraits

You really don’t know where the next inspiration will show up, it could be a car-boot-sale or a School Fete, or even maybe St Vinnies!

Let me know what you find and together we can create something truly unique portraits to suit you home.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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