Where’s Mum? Reasons To Get Your Portrait Taken

Sept05One thing all mums know to be true is that derire to not get your photo taken. You feel that you need to get more sleep to get rid of those dark circles or that you just need to lose five more kilos before you get on camera. Sometimes, you may even be the one behind the camera, which aids in procrastinating when it comes to being in photographs. However, this can be something you will regret as you get older. It is time to stop procrastinating! If you are in doubt, here are three reasons to get your portrait taken.

1. You Want Your Children To Have Photographs Of You

Think about some of the photographs you cherish – do you have any of your parents? Are those some that you absolutely cherish? Then think about how your children will feel when they are your age. They will cherish the photographs of you just as much as you cherish the photographs of your parents. If you do not have many photographs of yourself, your grandchildren and great grandchildren will also not have anything to look back on. Photographs are important to all families because they help each other remember their loved ones and are great to pass down throughout the generations. 

2. It Shows Your Children That You Love Them

Many mums would rather not be in the photographs with their children because they are just not ready to be. There will be many photographs of your children together, but hardly any of you with them. This is one of the biggest reasons to get your portrait taken. I have had clients who told me that as they grew up, they were not sure if their parents loved them because they did not have portraits together like other families. They knew their parents did love them, but needed those portraits to reinforce that. Remember this with your children – they want those photos with you. Your children are not bothered by the different things that bother you and, in fact, may not even notice them. Get in those portraits with your children! 

3. You Will Regret Not Getting Portraits Taken

After years and years of many excuses, you will one day wake up and realize there are no portraits of you with your family. This will be something you regret, especially as you age more. You will want portraits of yourself when you were younger, and many of your excuses from those years will seem silly later on. You do not want to end up regretting never getting portraits of yourself with your children and family. 

Do Not Ignore The Reasons To Get Your Portrait Taken

The reasons to get your portrait taken could go on and on. Do not fear about how you will look in a portrait, especially if you are basing it on how you look in an unprofessionally done photograph. I am a professional photographer who knows the best light, best poses, and other elements that will help make these portraits ones you will cherish forever! Contact me today, and we can set up a time to talk about a session of you, your children, and family.

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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