Stop Procrastinating About Having Your Picture Taken

Time for mum to have her picture taken with the familyIf your family is like most, then it’s more than a little likely you don’t see much of Mum when it comes to the family photos you take. This is because mums tend to be the ones behind the scenes making sure everything is perfect for everybody else. That said, they’re usually the ones behind the camera as well when it’s photo time, seeing to it that every smile and special moment is perfectly captured.

However, many mums are also major procrastinators when it comes to actually taking their turn in front of the camera for a change. If you’re this kind of mum, then you probably know the feeling well. You don’t feel pretty enough on a given day to have your picture taken. You keep telling yourself that you’ll change your tune when you finally lose a few kilos or finally get around to getting your teeth whitened… but we all know how that day never seems to come.

The Right Moment Is Now

The problem with waiting for circumstances to be perfect before you consider it worth being part of your family’s photo memories is that you’re missing out on so much in the meantime. Life really does have a way of progressing in the blink of an eye. Children grow up seemingly overnight. Entire holiday seasons are over in a flash.

One day, your family albums are going to be all you and your loved ones have by which to remember this beautiful time in your lives together. If you continue to procrastinate about getting out from behind the camera once in a while, you run the risk of not being part of those memories.

The fact of the matter is your kids and your loved ones love you, as you are right now – extra kilos, wrinkles, crooked teeth, and all. Also, you yourself are liable to feel differently about the way you look today in ten or twenty years when you’re even older, so live in the moment – right here and right now, without worrying about the little details that simply won’t matter one day.

A Professional Can Help

In my experience, part of the reason many mums feel the way they do about photos is a lifetime of bad experiences. Friends and relatives have a tendency to take unflattering photos of others from bad angles or using the wrong lens. The way we look in photos like these can erode our self-image even further over time. We eventually become convinced that we’re unattractive or simply not photogenic.

If that sounds familiar, than having beautiful photos taken by a professional is exactly what the doctor ordered. A professional photographer knows how to take shots that are always flattering, bringing out the best in absolutely any subject. Plus, they’ll have an eye for setting up creative images that will change the way you feel about photography in general.

Photos at their best are about making memories and recording the experiences we treasure most in life. Stop procrastinating and become a part of that for yourself today!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Joy Cardwell - 3, March, 2014 Reply

I am definitely one of those mums who takes all the photos & are never in any!!!!!!!! That’s why I was so stoked with the amazing photos Margherita took of my family 7 years ago. I was so pleased at how beautiful & relaxed we all looked, even me. My children have grown so much & so quickly. Therefore we have just had a other amazing portrait sitting yesterday. Margherita is a delight to be with. My teenagers & husband enjoyed having their photo taken & I can’t wait to see the photos. I know they will be amazing. Thanks so much, Margherita. You have brought so much joy to my home. Love Joy

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