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Convincing Your Family to Get Portraits Done

Get portraits done.. Here's some tips to make it easier.

The secret – how to get portraits done

Many families want to get portraits done but struggle to nail down a date and time everyone is free for a session. From a husband who travels to kids away at uni, there are numerous reasons to keep putting off family portraits. You don’t want the session to be stressful, resulting in stiff, uncomfortable portraits, so you keep making excuses.

There are so many reasons it will never be the perfect time to get family portraits. When you’ve been putting off the task time and time again, suddenly you realise it’s been years since you had portraits taken. You look around your living room and see that the most recent family portrait hanging on the wall is from ten years ago or earlier. If you can relate, you’re not alone. Make family portraits a priority this year, and you’ll be enjoying the results for generations to come.

You don’t have to rush  – but it doesn’t have to take a long time either

Finding a professional photographer who will get your family portraits done quickly and efficiently is key for convincing your family to set up a portrait session. The photographer will be able to get the entire session done in 20 minutes or less. Everyone will look relaxed and natural, resulting in beautiful images. Finding 20 minutes when everyone is free and then convincing them it will be worth the time may still be tough, but it will be a lot less overwhelming than blocking out a few hours. Keep in mind if you have younger kids, it may take slightly longer, but you should be finished within half an hour.

If you have young kids, the best time to schedule a family portrait session is first thing in the morning, right after everyone has been gotten dressed, eaten, and had their morning juice or coffee. When you’re refreshed and well-fed, you’ll be ready to have fun and enjoy the time with your family. Don’t make too big of a deal out of the event so everyone will be as relaxed as possible.

Schedule a time that suits everyone

If you have older kids, an evening session may be preferable so you don’t have to drag them out of bed early in the morning. If you’re taking your portraits outside, an evening session will allow you to take advantage of the soft light during the golden hour. Embrace the time outdoors as a family, and then go out to dinner afterward to complete the evening.

Being flexible will help you get portraits done.

Give your family members some choice in the clothing and accessories they wear and how they style their hair. There’s no need to all wear jeans and white t-shirts or other matching clothing. As long as everyone is wearing primarily neutral clothing and accessories, your outfits will coordinate just fine. When you’re comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, your confidence will reflect in the pictures. Avoid telling family members to smile. The photographer is a professional and will know how to pose and talk to family members in such a way that they look relaxed and happy in the photos.

A week or so after the portraits are taken, you’ll be able to sit down with your photographer at a time that works for you and select your favourite shots. Your photographer will work with you to narrow down the best shots quickly. From there, you’ll be able to order your chosen shots and get them framed and hung on the wall for everyone to enjoy.

Get your portraits done – efficiently!

Instead of having a marathon two-hour photo session in which everyone is going to be sick of smiling and feel really annoyed and bored, you’ll have an enjoyable 20-minute session in which the whole family is relaxed, comfortable, and engaged. Your professional photographer will choose the right lighting, setting, and poses to get the shots she needs in a short amount of time. It is so much easier to convince your family that the latter type of session will be worth the time and money.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Choosing a Photographer: A Record of Time or Beautiful Portraits?

Choosing a photographer. Are we looking for a record of time or beautiful portraits.

A record of time, or something more?

There are a seemingly endless number of photographers advertising a wide range of services online. It’s often difficult to determine the differences between varying photographers and why they charge such different rates. Some photographers charge a cheap rate for a two-hour sitting and a large number of images on a flash drive. Other photographers charge a sitting fee and sell each image individually as professional prints. So how do we go about choosing a photographer?

The majority of portrait photographers fall into one of two categories. The first category of photographers wants to shoot hundreds, or even thousands, of images, and then hand the client a CD full of images. The second category of photographers wants to shoot a smaller quantity of images and then edit just a handful of these photos to produce a stunning portfolio for the client. The first category of photographers is more focused on time and creating lots of images, and the second category is more focused on creating brilliant images quickly and efficiently and then finishing them properly.

The type of images you’re looking for will help you narrow down the photographer you hire for your upcoming portrait session. How often do you have professional portraits taken? Do you take hundreds of shots on your smartphone or do you reserve picture taking for special occasions? Some people may be satisfied with hundreds of snapshots of their loved ones. Other people are looking to come away with a small selection of gorgeous, posed portraits of their loved ones that they’ll enjoy displaying on their walls for generations to come.

When choosing a photographer, begin with the end in mind

Professional photographers with several decades of experience know how to create ten or less stunning images of a couple or family in a short period of time. You’ll get the shots you want without spending hours posing in a studio or on location. Your photographer will assist you in selecting a location and clothing and will prepare his gear (i.e. lenses, flashes) ahead of time so the session goes as quickly as possible. During the session, the photographer will pose the group quickly to get his shots with minimal trial and error, again reducing the length of the shoot. This process keeps everyone relaxed and happy, ensuring natural poses in the shots.

Once the session is over, he’ll post-process the images to create stunning portraits, unlike anything you take with your smartphone. Most likely you’ll pay more for these professional images, but it will be well worth the money. Instead of sorting through hundreds of shots, the photographer will choose the dozen or so best images and do all the editing work to take the photos up a notch from casual snapshots to professional portraits.

An expert eye for image selection

Some people think their money is better spent on the photographer who will give them a CD full of hundreds of images. From there, they can narrow down the best images themselves. First, most people will never take the time to narrow down their images. Second, most people don’t have the skill set to pull out the few excellent images, much less edit them professionally. Paying for a professional to narrow down and edit the images saves you hours of work and ultimately ensures you’ll end up with beautiful images to display around your home.

Even if you don’t plan to display your photos or use them for holiday cards or another specific purpose, you still may find it’s beneficial to pay for the professional photography services. Having a few snapshots may be just fine for a scrapbook, but if you never narrow down the images you want from your CD with hundreds of images, you won’t use any of the images in your scrapbook. In comparison, when you have a few wonderful images right at your fingertips, you’re more likely to use them right away.

A professional photographer can assist you with an expert eye for image selection.

Give your images the best chance at being enjoyed

The more time goes by, the less chance there is you’ll actually go through your images that have piled up over the years and print and display them. Don’t put off making prints of your children or grandchildren until you reach retirement. The sooner you have professional portraits taken, the sooner you’ll have them printed and up on the wall in frames for everyone to enjoy.

For busy families with lots of commitments outside the home, typically professional portraits make the most sense. You’ll benefit from an efficient photographer who gets brilliant portraits taken in a short period of time, narrowed down quickly, and printed professionally. Some photographers will even assist you with framing and offer tips on the best places to display your new photos in your home. I hope this has helped you in the process of choosing a photographer.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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1 5 Reasons to Have Multi-Generation Family Portrait Images Taken

family portrait images

Following up with my recent Mother’s Day post, I wanted to make sure that you remember the grandmothers, too! Family portrait images that include multiple generations are particularly memorable and will be cherished for years to come. Whether it is your parent’s anniversary, you are celebrating a birthday milestone, or everyone is simply in town at the same time, here are five reasons to book a session: 

  1. Get a Classic, Yet Professional, Group Shot

Anytime that your extended family is in town, it is worth taking a group picture together. This is especially important for those with family who live far away or are seldom able to visit. Cherish the time you have together, and celebrate it with a group image. The benefits of booking a professional photo session to get your shots are many, including that you will not have to worry about how to gather, manage, and pose everyone. Plus, isn’t it time you stop crowding together at a casual holiday event for a quick snapshot and considering that good enough? I have plenty of success getting large groups to cooperate, no matter their range of ages and personalities. It is easy to print multiple copies of your favourite images to share with family members. 

  1. Quickly Compare Those Shared Traits

Do all the men in the family have the same broad shoulders? Is there a certain eye colour or nose shape that has been passed down through the generations? Do all the sisters share the same mega-kilowatt smile? Lining up multiple generations all at once allows you to see the physical traits that identify your family. I may even capture a few candid shared gestures and expressions! This is a fun way to make comparisons and celebrate your family’s uniqueness.

  1. Celebrate All Aspects of Your Family’s Bond

In addition to a taking a large group shot, we can also break down your session into capturing smaller groups to round out your family portrait images. How about a shot of the adult children with their parents, or of the grandparents surrounded by their grandchildren? Alternatively, gather all of the females together for a powerful portrait, or separate siblings and their families for individual group shots with the grandparents. A cute shot of all of the cousins playing together is a sure winner, too. The combinations of portraits must be well planned, which is where I come in. I will take all of your requests and add in few of my own to plan the perfect session for your group. 

  1. Everyone Will Look and Feel Their Best

Professional photo sessions are designed to help bring out the best in everyone, even those who might have never pictured themselves as the model type. Location, lighting, angles, lenses, and composition all contribute to taking a great shot, but the way everyone feels on set is the most important aspect. If you are comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying yourself, my chances of getting a great picture are much higher. I make an effort to get to know each person on location with me, so that I can quickly identify how individuals may react in front of the camera and adjust accordingly. Many grandparents, in particular, feel they are no longer beautiful and do not need to have “fancy pictures” taken. In reality, there is so much beauty in the smile of a grandparent looking at his or her children and grandchildren. Plus, children do not see age the same way we do. They love us for who we are, not matter our age, and will simply have fun with a shared experience. Finally, the resulting images will be ones worth keeping and passing down.

  1. The Session Itself is Memorable

One of the best ways to feel relaxed on set is to see it as a fun family outing, not a stressful, stiff photography session. Focus on having fun on the shoot and making memories together. Let me capture formal family portrait images as well as the candid, lifestyle moments in between.

No one wants to think about it, but our oldest generations will not be around forever. Take the time now to capture precious moments between your mother and your daughter, or to capture the big group shot you have always wanted. Contact me today to learn more about booking a session. I will work with you to determine the right time, location, and groupings to make your shoot a success.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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In Honour of the Mums Left Out of Candid Family Portraits

mother's day

Have you ever noticed that mums seem to be the ones left out of most candid family portraits? Whether everyone is gathered for a holiday, birthday celebration, or another event, it is important to make sure that a few of those quick snapshots include mum, too! This post also serves as a reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on 8 May, and organising a photo shoot is the perfect gift. Keep scrolling to learn more about booking a photo session to celebrate your mum or wife.

Bring Everyone Together

There are many different ways to describe a family. Perhaps it is just the two of you, or the two of you and your beloved pet. Do you have one or two small children or several grown children and your grandchildren? Do you have parents or extended relatives coming in town to visit soon? Photo shoots are a great way to gather everyone together and celebrate your unique bond. Sessions are casual, fun, and extremely memorable, making them an activity everyone will enjoy. Plus, bringing all the children or siblings together is a great way to show your mum how much you care about one another and demonstrate your appreciation for her.

Let Me Take the Lead

Mums tend to have multiple to-do lists and often have to organise events for everyone else. Booking a photo session with me means letting her take it easy for the day. She does not need to organise the shots or worry about poses, because you can leave everything to me. I can coax great smiles out of everyone, even the shyest or most unwilling of participants. I will also coordinate with you directly about time, location, and even outfit suggestions if you want. Putting a bit of an effort into organising a session on her behalf will go a long way toward showing her how you care!

Candid Family Portraits: Types of Shots

By now, you may be imagining your children or siblings all gathered on the beach, either running about or nervously waiting for instruction. The goal is to relax and enjoy, so trust that I will get a great combination of shots. Let me know if there are specific shots you would like, such as a big group shot, a picture of mum with each child individually, or a shot of her and her spouse or partner. I love capturing spontaneous smiles and interactions as well as planned, beautifully composed lifestyle portraits.

Ask for Framing Assistance

Although the session itself will be a blast, half of the fun is seeing the resulting images. I can help you choose prints, and even offer advice about matting and framing. There are many different ways to gift and display your favourite images, including:

  • A trio of prints
  • Different images and frames for home and work
  • Multiple sets of images so everyone gets them
  • Different sets of prints for two or more rooms, complete with coordinating frames

In addition to adding to your home’s beautiful décor, mats and frames will help protect your precious images over time.

Why Go Professional?

Let’s say you suggested the idea of booking a photo shoot to one of your siblings, who quickly shot it down. After all, couldn’t you set up your iPhone on a stand with a timer and gather for a group shot? In reality, the difference between an at-home and a professional photo shoot is astounding. The right equipment and understanding of balance, lighting, composition, and editing makes all the difference in creating stunning images you will want to display.

It is also an investment of time that will richly pay off, as you will spend quality time with your mum and have much more to show for it than a few blurry or off-centre images. The resulting prints from a professional photo session will be cherished for years to come, and looking back on them will only remind you of the fun time you spend together.

Give a Gift Mum Will Love

My photo sessions include a mix of formal and candid family portraits, capturing your connection, relationships, and bond. I can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing a location and the best time of day to suggesting clothing choices and framing options. We may not be able to schedule your shoot before Mother’s Day this year, but you can give your mum a gift certificate and talk to her about possible session dates! Contact me today to learn more.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Family Portraits with Older Children

family portraits

As much as I love photographing newborns and small children, there is something about the bond between older siblings and their parents that really catches my eye. I love capturing special moments between family members who have grown up together and shared so much. Whether you are a parent with older kids or an adult with grown-up siblings, consider booking a photo shoot to capture these memories while you can. These types of sessions are also ideal for those with relatives coming in to visit from out of town or overseas. Here are a few ideas for your session:

How to Get a Stubborn Sibling to Smile

If one of your siblings grew up camera-shy, the chances are that he or she stayed that way! The key to capturing natural, happy smiles is making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. That way, even the people most reluctant to partake in a photo shoot will be more focused on the time spent together, and less on the camera. I use a flexible and friendly approach to help everyone engage in the process without feeling as though they are put on display.

For example, clients have mentioned previous photo session experiences where they were told to dress up, jump around, or act like they were having fun. I would rather you feel relaxed and comfortable, not forced into anything. Finally, your photographer should show that he or she cares about each of your family members. Understanding the dynamics and relationships of families can help the photographer encourage natural smiles and capture the best moments on film.

Consider Including Grandchildren

gilmour kidsA family portrait with older children may include parents, grandparents, and even grandchildren. If one or more of your siblings has kids, you can decide whether to include them in a few shots. I am also happy to do a mix of shots, including adult siblings alone with their parents, each sibling alone with the parents, and a portrait of each smaller family group. In fact, I have coordinated a photo shoot for a family of over 20 before! If you want to include little ones who may tire out quickly or lose attention, I will help keep the session short and fun.

Alleviate Fears about Time, and Ask for Guidance if Needed

Perhaps you decided that booking a photo shoot was a good idea, only to hesitate at the amount of perceived work involved. In reality, planning a shoot is a very streamlined process, from booking the session to receiving your final prints. Coordinate potential dates with your family, and reassure them that it will not be a drawn-out or time-consuming process. In terms of communication, I am extremely responsive and will quickly follow up on any of your questions via telephone or email.

Plus, the session itself does not have to be hours long to capture great shots, and I will provide plenty of information and tips beforehand to help you prepare. During the session, I will guide poses and use a variety of settings to get the best shots. You can then review image choices in conjunction with me or at home, on your own time. Finally, I can also offer advice on portrait sizing, framing, and arrangements. Family portraits with older children are a great way to capture memories and celebrate your life together. Contact me for more information about booking a session. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Photographing Children: A Few Essential Tips on Working with Kids

kids photography
It seems like everyone posts, emails, or otherwise shares photos online these days. However, how many of those photos are somewhat blurry, were taken in low lighting, or were heavily edited using various phone applications? Although many parents can capture great candid snapshots of their kids, there are many benefits to booking a professional photography session. Not only will the images be clear and crisp, but the set will also showcase your entire family as well as individual personalities and relationship bonds. Make your session more successful with these must-have tips for photographing children:

Practice Posing

Family portrait sessions include a few posed shots, the kind typically seen in school photos or on Christmas cards. To help your kids feel comfortable, explain the upcoming photo shoot and make a game of sitting in different poses. Set a timer on your digital camera or smart phone so that they can see that the goal is getting a group shot. Depending on their ages, you could even pick up a few photo frames and have them each decorate one to display later in their rooms or throughout the house. An activity like this will help little ones see both the importance and benefit of having a photo session without making it too much of a big deal. It also provides them with a great childhood keepsake!

If practicing posing, however, make sure not to have them hold any one position for too long. Although wiggly kids are challenging to photograph, anyone who tightens up to hold a pose will look stiff and uncomfortable in the resulting image.

Prepare to Work Around the Cheesy Grin

To take your practice session one step further, considering visiting the location with your little ones in tow. Let them play in and explore the area as you take a few casual snapshots. This way, they will be used to having someone take photos without feeling the need to grin every time the camera turns their way. Next, try asking one of your children to turn directly to the camera as you make a silly face or tell a joke. Avoid saying a trigger word, such as “cheese!” or “smile!” Instead of over-widening their smiles into something forced, your kids may begin to understand what a natural smile really feels like.

If that does not work, try this trick. Encourage your child to make grumpy faces, then silly faces, and then smile. The chances are that those final shots will be of a beautifully relaxed and natural smile! After all, the goal while photographing children should be to photograph what is genuine and real. Working around a fake smile can be a challenge, but a little bit of experimentation and creativity goes a long way into taking pictures worth keeping.

pet photography

Let Them Get the Wiggles Out

In addition to capturing posed, formal family portraits, your photographer should actively work to capture candid moments. Dress your kids in comfortable clothes and let them climb a tree, play a game together, build a sand castle, or play on park equipment. A few clicks of the camera will capture your children laughing, smiling, and playing freely and genuinely. Candid shots are the best way to capture individual personalities as well as tight-knit sibling or child-parent bonds.

As a photographer, I often let the little ones take the lead for part of a shoot, as I will happily follow them to a new piece of playground equipment or crawl on the ground to get a truly great shot. You shoot should be fun and enjoyable, as the best images come when everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

Incorporate a Pet or Prop

Is your youngest one camera-shy? Does your middle child have trouble sitting still or focusing? Try incorporating your family dog into the shoot. The kids can sit or play with the dog, which might make them feel more comfortable and less shy in general. Alternatively, bring along your toddler’s favourite toy or even a few books. Kids can cuddle their stuffed animals, dig on the beach, or examine a pile of shells. Alternatively, you could have older siblings can read to younger ones or organize a game. Do whatever will help your little ones feel happy and at ease.

Book Your Session Today!

Do you need an updated family portrait, but are afraid that your little ones will not sit still long enough? I have years of experience photographing children, including newborns, multiple children, and children with special needs. I want your kids to have fun on the shoot, because those are the memories worth capturing and keeping. Contact me today with any questions or for more information about booking a session.

Talk Soon,
Margherita :)

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4 Family Photo Session Poses That Showcase the Sibling Bond

family portrait

Photographing children is always a highlight for me, especially when I can focus on capturing the relationships between different family members. Your family photo session can include a myriad of poses and images, including group shots and something that can be difficult to capture on film: the sibling bond. It is easy to snap shots of smiling faces at birthdays and holidays, but harder to capture the moments in between, as your kids laugh, play, or simply co-exist together. However, these moments are completely worth capturing, and can be found more easily with the help of these four poses:

  1. Admiration from Afar

Photographing children and newborns is my speciality, and I especially enjoy capturing the way older kids peer at their newest sibling. In fact, a favourite pose is having one or both parents holding the newborn as the older siblings peek at the baby. As you can imagine, their range of emotions can vary widely depending on their age and personality! Your photos could include snatches of joy, admiration, confusion, and even jealousy as I work to capture their raw emotions and connection with their other siblings.

  1. Snuggling with a Smaller Sibling

Another way to capture a sibling bond is to pose more directly, with hugging and holding. For this type of pose, an older sibling could hold a newborn baby or the hand of a toddler or other younger sibling. These types of shots typically capture the sense of pride and responsibility instilled in an older sibling by birth right, as well as the pure joy and peace that comes with being with someone you love.

  1. Immersed in Quiet Time

In addition to capturing a group portrait, I love having the chance to take candid photos of an activity. Not all lifestyle shots have to be extremely active, however. Although I might request a few frames of your family walking or running on the beach together, for example, I also like to capture the quiet moments between siblings as they sit together. Imagine your kids kneeling together in a close semi-circle around your family pet, for example, or sitting together under a large tree as an older sibling reads aloud. These quiet moments allow for wide group shots as well as close-up shots that capture expressions.

  1. Playing or Hanging Out Together

The beautiful thing about sibling bonds is how they change over the years. No matter how old your children are, a family photo session can capture their individual personalities and inter-connections. For younger kids, part of your shoot can include a bit of playtime, such as climbing a tree or playing tag. Older children can hug or hang on one another’s shoulders, or simply sit and smile or laugh with one another.

Each of my family photo sessions includes both posed and lifestyle shots, allowing me to capture your kids interacting in a variety of ways. Thanks to my 15-plus years of experience photographing children of every age, I guarantee you will love the results of your session! Feel free to contact me directly to discuss any questions or ideas.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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3 Ways to Help Capture Your Newborn’s Personality in Photos

newborn photography
Whether you are weeks away from delivery or have just welcomed your new little one into the world, the next few months may be a bit of a blur. Between busy days and long nights, you may want a few professional photographs to help you remember the incomparable experience of having a newborn in the house. Plus, little ones have a lot of personality that may be evident from day one! Their temperaments may change throughout the years, but it is possible to showcase that initial hint of personality in a newborn photo session. Here are three things that can help:

  1. Choose the Colours

As your baby gets a little older, you can schedule a shoot to capture personality through facial expressions, games, and outdoor locations. However, carefully selected backgrounds, textures, and colour accents can subtly suggest your new baby’s budding personality. Is she fiery and active, or is he calm, cool, and collected? Pops of colour such as a bright red bow can brighten a scene without detracting from the baby, while a soft colour palette will enrich an already calm setting.

  1. Play with Props

Even babies who are active or easily upset have moments of calm, giving me the chance to photograph their tiny, sleeping figures in both classic and creative poses. This mix will help keep your shots unique, but you can also use props to help highlight personality. Here are a few examples:

  • Observant: Catch him or her peering up at a colourful mobile
  • Quiet baby, future bookworm: Have your baby curl up next to a pile of books
  • Little princess: Doll your baby up with ribbons and a frilly dress
  • Pet-lover: Consider including your family pet in the photo, intimating the bond to come
  1. Capture Moments and Milestones

Every baby has standout features that are worth capturing in close-up. I love highlighting tiny details such as curling toes or the way their arms stretch out. I will also take a few photos in scale so that you can remember just how tiny your newborn was. Examples include cuddling the baby in one arm, having him or her snuggle up to a teddy bear, or using a small blanket in a decorative basket as a bed. As your baby grows, you may be surprised at how quickly they reach different milestones! The first few months of life include everything from smiling and playing to crawling and walking. Plus, family portraits at any time highlight unique family relationships and bonds.

An ideal time for your first newborn photo session is within your baby’s first two weeks. My sessions include a mix of posed portraits and more casual lifestyle shots such as feeding and cuddling. Feel free to include any other little ones in the shoot to capture their sibling bond. I have over 15 years of newborn and family portrait photography experience, which helps make each session a success. Contact me today to book a session or learn more.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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No Homecoming Is Complete Without Family Reunion Photos

a-big-familyIt is that time of the year when family comes from all over the world to be together and celebrate. As you gather family from near and far, it is important to focus on being with your loved ones and rejoicing in the love and gratitude that homecomings inspire.

During all of the fun it is easy to forget to take family reunion photos. But trust me when I say you will regret it if your don’t take the time to capture quality photographs of everyone together again.

Why Family Reunion Photos Are So Important

Gathering the family and taking a bunch of photos sounds like a hassle, I know, but it is worth it. Here’s why: 

You Are Creating a Keepsake

Years from now your great, great-grandkids will pull these photos out of a dusty box and laugh at the fashions you wore and the way you styled your hair. They will pass the photo around and point out the features they share with each family member and chuckle at the babies who are now adults.

There are certain photographs that get passed down from generation to generation. These are the kind of photographs that are taken at family reunions. 

How Many Chances Do You Really Get?

More often than not we are only able to get one portion of the family together at a time. When the whole family shows up for a family reunion it is practically a miracle. Everyone will say, “Let’s do this again soon,” but chances are it will be years before you manage to coordinate schedules and organise a second family reunion.

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. While you have everyone together make sure you capture plenty of photographs. That way you don’t have to worry that you missed your chance. And if you are lucky enough to have another family reunion again soon, you and your family will have fun seeing how everyone has changed since the last photograph was taken.

If It’s Done Right, It Can Be A Lot of Fun

Family photo shoots don’t have to mean everyone stands in a line and plasters a fake smile on their face while squinting against the sun. Family reunion photos can be an enjoyable activity to incorporate into the day.

Gather everyone together for a fun and playful photo shoot that highlights the qualities that make your family one-of-a-kind. This way you will enjoy the process and you will end up with gorgeous photographs that are true to your family’s personality.

Get Fantastic Reunion Photos With Kiss Photography

While candid photographs throughout your time together are great, the best way to get high-quality family reunion photos is to trust a professional. I have had plenty of experience with family photo shoots and I love taking fun and gorgeous photos with different families. Drop me a line and we can schedule a photo shoot so that you can get the most out of your family reunion.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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How to Make Your Christmas Cards Stand Out This Year


It is hard to believe it, but Christmas is already around the corner.

Starbucks red cups are out and department stores have decked the halls. This can only mean one thing… it’s time to think about Christmas cards.

If the mention of Christmas cards causes you to break out in a cold sweat, don’t worry. I have a few terrific tips that will make your Christmas cards gorgeous. Send out cards like these and everyone will be impressed.

3 Ways to Make Your Christmas Cards Unforgettable

Want the best cards ever this year? Here’s how to get them:

Pick One Theme Instead of Using Everything Related to The Holidays

When sending “Season’s Greetings”, more is not always better. With a Christmas tree in the background, a sticker of a snowman in the corner, and a tagline that reads “Merry wishes from out little elves,” you run the danger of over-doing the holiday spirit.

For a classier and cleaner version, pick one theme. Or even just one color scheme. This is a great way to make it look like you’ve put a lot of thought into your cards without too much extra effort. 

Make Your Friends and Family Laugh By Sending a Funny Photo

If you are a lighthearted family, why not show off your festive humor? There’s no need to stick to the classic photographs if they don’t represent your family. Plus your kids will be more interested in the photo shoot if they get to have fun. Here are a few funny Christmas card ideas I love:

You could turn Christmas-cookie baking time into a hilarious food fight. Or go over-the-top with ugly sweaters, matching outfits, and exaggerated enthusiasm. Another idea is to find a candid photograph from your childhood and have your family reenact the scene, then send the two photos together for extra laughs. 

Steal Ideas From Your Favorite Christmas Stories

Is reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas or watching A Christmas Story a family tradition? Use these (or any other) Christmas traditions to make your cards unique.  One idea is to take inspiration from your favorite story, pick a well-known scene from that story, and reconstruct it with your family.

Imagine finding a small twig that looks like the tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Your family could dress like the characters and stand around the famous tree. The photograph will be clever and festive all at once. You can do this with any book, movie, or story that means something to your family. 

Use Kiss Photography for Amazing Christmas Photographs

The key to an eye-catching Christmas card is a beautiful photograph. Simply contact me and we can schedule a session to capture the perfect photos. We can work with any of the above ideas or come up with our very own clever and gorgeous Christmas photographs. Either way, I will take photos that will make your Christmas cards the envy of your friends and family this holiday season.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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