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Couples Portraits for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

 Kiss Photography Valentine Package

Valentine’s Day is merely a few days away, but it is not too late to give the gift of a photo session! Book a late afternoon session with your sweetie and let me capture a few photos as you spend time hanging out and enjoying one another’s company. The resulting images will be vibrant, full of smiles, and professionally set-up, snapped, and edited. Let me help you give you a gift that will be cherished for years to come: the photos from the session itself, as well as the time you spent together taking them.

Not Just for Big Families

Does booking a session feel too extravagant or formal, or do you feel like only people with children book them? In reality, couples portraits are extremely popular for individuals of every age. Although I love family photo sessions and newborn photography, not everyone has children. Even for those of us with children, there are countless reasons to book both a photo shoot and a babysitter at the same time. You could:

  • Announce an engagement
  • Commemorate a new house or another big purchase
  • Celebrate an anniversary or milestone
  • Show off your beautiful surroundings, whether on the beach or in a local park
  • Revel in your shared interest or hobby

Otherwise, consider booking a “Just Because” session to capture some stunning images of the two of you. Do not let the only photos posted of you to be taken in poor lighting, in a crowded space, or by your three-year-old niece! As a bonus, it is very easy to create a stunning desk display with a framed professional photo or two. Carrying a photo in your wallet or placing a framed photo on your desk at work are two of the best ways to keep your loved ones on your mind throughout the day.

If you do have children, however, gifting a session to your significant other is still a good idea! We can coordinate the shoot to ensure there are plenty of images of the entire family, the kids alone, and you and your loved one alone.

Upgrade from Old Directory Photos

Do any of the following photo-related statements apply to you? “The most recent photo of the two of us is”:

  • From our wedding
  • A casual selfie
  • From the two-year-old church directory
  • A quick photo snapped at a birthday party or holiday event
  • Sweet, but not display-worthy

Why book a professional shoot? I utilize lighting, composition, angles, background, and more to ensure that your images are artistically shot and of the highest quality. Your shots can be as formal or informal as you would like them, from taking a new formal photo to celebrate your big anniversary to nestling in one another’s arms on the beach.

Lifestyle Shots

Do you and your significant other ride horses, surf, collect automobiles, or share other hobbies? Lifestyle photos combine the people in the shot with anything that is meaningful to them. Talk to me about including your family pet, motorbike, art studio, or new home. I will take a mix of posed and candid photos, capturing all the moments besides just smiling at the camera. Your images should tell a story about who you are individually and as a couple.

For example, an engagement announcement photo session could include images of the couple smiling at the camera, a close-up of the bride-to-be’s ring, a shot of their silhouette or shadows, or the groom-to-be looking admiringly at the bride-to-be as she walks to a new location point. Pregnancy announcements or late-term sessions can also include a mix of shots to celebrate everything that bonds the two of you as a couple. Alternatively, consider booking a “just because” session and including a meaningful prop such as an old love letter, first date souvenir, or stack of books.

Make a Romantic Gesture

Picture this: strolling on the beach at sunset, hand-in-hand, knowing that someone is there to capture on film your most candid, sincere, tender moments. From formal portraits to casual lifestyle shots, couples portraits are ideal for celebrating big announcements, shared interests, and loving glances.

This Valentine’s Day, consider giving your significant other a beautiful photo frame with a homemade certificate for a professional photo shoot. Can you imagine being the one on the receiving end of such a romantic gesture? Show your loved one that you care about them and want to celebrate your unique bond and connection. Contact me today to book a session, and feel free to ask for more information about locations, props, and time frames.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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How to Prepare for Your First Family Photo Shoot

family photo shoot

Are you considering scheduling a family photo shoot, or have you already booked your session? Although my favourite tip is to simply smile, have fun, and enjoy the day, there are several more concrete things to think about as you prepare for the session.

Choose a Time to Meet

If you have not already booked your session, make sure to book it at a time that is convenient for your little ones. The morning and early evening are prime times for taking photos, but in summer the sunset may come after your child’s bedtime. If you do book an afternoon session, try to take off work at least a couple of hours beforehand so you have time to relax and prepare. I would much rather capture images of you feeling happy and relaxed than tired or stressed!

Lay Out Everyone’s Outfit

The big decision when it comes to choosing clothes for a photography session is whether to wear matching or coordinated clothes. Feel free to dress your little ones in matching outfits, or have the whole family dress in simple basics such as a black shirt with jeans. Otherwise, experiment with coordinating outfits within a chosen colour palette. Make sure your clothing fits the location and that you will be comfortable throughout the session.

Visit the Location Ahead of Time 

You can choose a location for a photography session on your own or in conjunction with your photographer. I have plenty of recommendations that are perfect for capturing a mix of formal portraits and more casual lifestyle shots. Unless you are booking a newborn photography session in your home, consider the benefits of a stunning outdoor location such as a park or the beach. Once you have chosen a location, take your kids there ahead of time. Let them run around and explore beforehand, so that coming back later will feel familiar and fun.

Tips for the Week Before

There are many small pointers that add up to great advice in the week before being photographed. Some of my top quick tips include:

  • Soothe chapped lips
  • Brush teeth regularly to help polish up your pearly whites
  • Stay hydrated so skin looks fresh
  • Have hair trimmed several days in advance
  • Try out new hairspray or clips ahead of time
  • Make sure everyone gets plenty of rest
  • Pack a small bag with snacks and toys to keep everyone happy during the session

In regards to your hair and make-up, I encourage clients to aim for a natural, everyday look. This is not the best time to wear heavy makeup or try out a new hairstyle. Keep in mind that the focal point of your images will be your smile and family bond, not your makeup, clothing, or background.

Family photo shoots allow me to capture your unique family connections in an exciting, enjoyable session. Feel free to contact me for information about booking a session or with any questions about your upcoming shoot.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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8 Traits of a Great Outdoor Photo Shoot Location, Part 2 of 2

outdoor photo shootPart one of this post introduced a few things to think about while looking for an outdoor photo shoot location, including natural lighting and safety considerations. To round things off, here are four more traits to look for while choosing the perfect location for your next family portrait session:

  1. Limits Noise and Pedestrian Traffic

Even the most out-going and boldest among us may get a little camera-shy, especially if there are numerous pedestrians about. Visit your potential location at different times of the day to determine the amount of traffic it receives. There are plenty of remote, quiet locations tucked even just a few hundred yards away from busier thoroughfares. Limiting the amount of traffic noise and attention from curious on-lookers will help you feel you comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot.

  1. Has Different Backgrounds

Surprise! This tip is actually three-fold:

  • Nothing overpowering: The best family portraits show off personalities and personal connections, not your location. Choose scenery that is attractive and warm without any distractions such as wayward lamp poles or overly bright colours.
  • photo-background-tipDifferent backgrounds: Although the background will not be the central focus of your portraits, having different settings will add some variety. If you are considering a park, for example, try to picture at least five different places your family could relax or pose. Ideas include on a trail, in front of a large tree, around a picnic table, or on a bridge.
  • Trust the photographer: Do you feel that your location is too bland? Think again! As long as the setting is clean and well-lit, I will keep moving around to get a great shot no matter the location. Tricks I often use include adjusting the framing, angles, and apertures as well as playing with depths of field and wide and tight shots.
  1. Allows You to Set Up Near Shelter

Unexpected weather can produce stunning skies, but it can also make an outdoor photo shoot more difficult. I will gladly reschedule shoots if inclement weather begins the day of, but occasionally things come up in the middle of a session and the clients agreed to continue. The resulting shots were stunning, but it might be a good idea to set up near some type of shelter in case of heavier rain or colder temperatures. Types of shelter could include an outdoor structure such as an awning, or even an indoor one like a café (with the owner’s permission to continue shooting, of course!).

  1. Makes for a Fun Family Outing

The best way to avoid getting stressed while preparing for a family portrait session is to focus on having fun. Plan a late afternoon family outing, complete with the family dog and a few outdoor toys, and let me worry about getting the shots. I will, of course, help with posing any portrait shots, but in the meantime I love working a bit “behind the scenes,” capturing the special moments between you and your family. With this in mind, try to pick a location that lets your kids be kids, from running on the beach to climbing trees.

Ready to book your family portrait session? Contact me for help choosing a location or to learn more about my photography services. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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8 Traits of a Great Outdoor Photo Shoot Location, Part 1 of 2

photo shoot

With so many scenic places around Brisbane, picking the right place for your session can be a challenge! The location you choose will drive the decisions surrounding the rest of the session, from clothing choices to props. You can always ask your photographer for recommendations, but you may also want to follow these tips for finding the perfect outdoor photo shoot location. Here are the first four, with more to follow in part two of this post:

  1. Makes You Feel Comfortable

smile-for-the-cameraDuring your family portrait session, I want you to feel completely at ease and comfortable with your surroundings. In fact, I will have an easier time producing beautiful, natural images of your family bonding together if you feel comfortable in a location that is meaningful or relaxing. If you have young children, consider visiting the location a couple of times beforehand so it becomes more familiar.

  1. Considers Your Four-Legged Friends

Many families opt to include the family pet in their session, which can add a warm, cohesive touch to any portrait. If you plan to include a pet, however, there are many things to consider:

  • Horses: Stables and riding rings are a great background for a variety of casual, lifestyle portraits. We will coordinate with the stable to ensure there is a time and place for us to shoot without interruption.
  • Cats: Due to their sensitive nature, I prefer to include cats in indoor-only sessions. There are plenty of great moments to capture, from a kitten snuggling with an infant to a trio of siblings playing with their cat or other indoor pets.
  • Dogs: Most dogs are welcome at an outdoor photo shoot, especially if they are accustomed to taking trips and have a designated handler during the shoot. I am always happy to work with and around the energy and attention spans of animals! However, you may need to call a park or other location to ensure canine companions are welcome.

Contact me if you have questions about booking a session that will include these or any other type of pet.

  1. Keeps Safety in Mind

Some scenic views are stunning but may not be ideal for a family portrait session due to safety considerations. If you have a running list of location ideas you want to present to your photographer, go back through them and visualize each area with the safety of your children and pets in mind. For example, very rocky areas may be difficult for children to manoeuvre. Similarly, I prefer to take photographs of newborns inside, in a temperature and humidity controlled environment that is free from excess sounds or stimulations.

  1. Is Brightly Lit, Has Diffused Light, or Is Accessible All Day

Contrary to what some might think, the light of a sunny day in a treeless location is too harsh for most portraits. Covered seating areas or overhanging trees provide diffused light that is natural but less harsh than direct midday sun. However, you can choose a treeless location such as the beach if the site is accessible for a shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon, just before sunset. The light will be much more flattering, produce less of a glare, and be less tiring for everyone’s eyes.

Stay tuned for part two of this post for more tips on choosing the best outdoor photo shoot location for your family portrait!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Portrait Photography: How Much Makeup Should I Wear?

portrait photography

When applying makeup for a photo session, a good rule of thumb is that it should be only slightly heavier than usual. However, what does this mean in terms of the colour or amount of product you use? Use this post as a guide as you get ready for your upcoming family photo session.

Applying Foundation: No Heavy Coverage

The right poses and head positions will help bring out your natural features, so do not feel pressured to cake on the foundation. Choose a tint that exactly matches your skin tone, and aim for light, sheer coverage. Starting with a primer can help conceal uneven textures and fine lines without changing your look drastically. However, this is not the time to experiment with highlighting and contouring unless you are comfortable using those techniques. Be sure to test any new product a few weeks in advance to ensure it works and looks great without irritating your skin.

In general, use makeup to highlight your features while keeping your look fresh and natural. This is especially important for family portraits, where you will be photographed next to the natural skin tones and freckles of your children.

sistersAvoiding Shimmer and Shine

Although shimmery products often look stunning in person, anything shiny or glittery can reflect light and affect what the camera sees. For example, mineral-based products are a top everyday choice, but in photographs it can cause faces to shine or glow. Depending on the lighting, even lip-gloss can create a distracting reflection. Matte, neutral makeup is easy to apply and photographs well.

After applying your foundation and blush, use a translucent powder to banish shine and set your look. You can bring along any products for touch-ups during the shoot, including the powder or oil-blotting sheets. However, I would rather you apply makeup beforehand and then forget about it and focus on the shoot! Particularly for outdoor shoots, a natural, windswept look combined with smiles and laughter often makes for the best family portraits.

Choosing Colours: No Out-dated Eyes or Lips

Although you should not worry too much about your looks during a shoot, I do believe that applying a bit of colour can help your natural features pop. You will want your portraits to look fresh and modern for years to come, so avoid any fad products or seasonal colours when it comes to eye and lip shades. For eyes, stick with neutral shades of shadow that are not too dark and consider using eyeliner only along the upper lash line to help keep your eyes from looking smaller than normal. For lips, find a shade that enhances your existing colour without exaggerating it. Test your full look ahead of time to see what looks best, thinking of emphasizing without overdoing.

More Quick Tips

We have the basics covered, but here is an additional handful of quick tips:

  • Apply your makeup in good lighting or natural window light for best results
  • Use new mascara to ensure it is clean and will not clump
  • Apply a slightly brighter blush or wear more than usual, as it will not appear as vibrant in photographs as in person
  • Blend well using applicator sponges to avoid streaking or uneven coverage
  • Drink plenty of water in the days before the session to stay hydrated and help your skin feel and look its best

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions before your family portrait session!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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5 Tips for Including Your Family Pet in a Photo Shoot

photography tips

For many people, our pets are undeniably one of the family. The bond between children and animals is particularly worth capturing and remembering. Thankfully, I have plenty of experience photographing animals and am more than happy to discuss including them when booking a family portrait session. Here is a handful of tips for including the family dog, cat, horse, or another pet in your photo shoot:

  1. Keep the Background Simple

This tip is great for portraits of any kind, but it is especially important when working with animals. There will be a lot happening in the shot, so keeping the background simple will help keep the focus on your smiles. Examples of good locations include a single, statement tree or the expanse of the ocean and beach. Indoor shoots might be best for cats, rabbits, or very small dogs that might get nervous easily.

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

dogsIncluding a pet in your family portrait session will help keep the tone light-hearted and natural, enabling me to capture plenty of candid or more casual lifestyle shots. The entire group should be in comfortable clothes that work well in a variety of poses and go well with the location of the shoot. Still, be sure to decide ahead of time which person will sit next to the pet and make sure they wear wrinkle- and fur-resistant clothing! If you want your pet to wear a bow, bandana, or collar accessory, try it on several times so that he or she can get used to it.

  1. Consider Their Colouring

If you have a black cat or dog, they will look great with blue jeans and other, lighter colours but may blend into dress pants or dark dresses. The idea of trying not to match holds true for photographing animals of any colour, from fluffy white cats to sunny golden retrievers.

  1. Find a Relaxing Position

Since many animals react negatively to the stress around them, it is important to stay calm and flexible throughout the shoot. Some poses will not work, or your dog may need a few breaks to run and play. It may be easier to have the family come and get into position when your animal does decide to sit up or lie down somewhere. Alternatively, one of the best ways to include a pet in a photo is to have him or her sitting in someone’s lap.

If you keep in mind that you may not want your canine companion in every shot, however, that can also help take the pressure off. We can simply include the pet again when he or she is calmed down or has a better attention span. It may take lots of shots and moving around, but I will absolutely get multiple images worth keeping!

  1. Capture Moments in Action

To truly capture a pet’s personality and the bond between your family and your pet, I will want to take plenty of action shots. I might ask that you walk or run on the beach, or bring along a favourite toy for your children and pet to play with. Your family portrait session will include both posed and more casual images, so feel free to laugh and play freely.

Photographing animals can take a bit more effort, but it is well worth it to capture a very authentic, happy moment of your entire family. Contact me for more information on booking a session or including a pet in your photo shoot.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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How to Coordinate Outfits: 3 Ideas for a Family Portrait Photo Shoot

photography tips

Scheduling a family photo shoot is a fantastic way to capture both portraits and more casual lifestyle images. However, not coordinating your outfits ahead of time could spell disaster for the pictures, with bright colours or patterns overwhelming your family’s smiles. Although certain clothing choices can add personality, remember that group pictures are all about capturing the bond between family members. Here are three possible outfit ideas that will help keep the focus on your family during your photo session:

  1. Black or White Shirt and Blue Jeans

One of the easiest ways to let your family shine in a photo shoot is by dressing them in casually coordinated outfits comprised of the basics. Choosing black or white shirts with blue jeans can help everyone feel more comfortable in front of the camera, especially for outdoor shoots around trees or on the beach. Black pants or skirts are an option, too.

Black shirts look polished and professional, which can help give every photo a pulled-together look. This colour is also extremely flattering. White shirts look crisp and clean, and can help brighten everyone’s faces on the shoot. For either colour, using a mix of T-shirts and polo shirts or button downs can help keep things from looking overly staged.

  1. Begin with Basics and Add a Pop of Colour

photography adviceAs great as photos with everyone in basic black or white appear, you can easily mix in an accent colour to add visual interest and further tie the images together. A small splash of colour can also add personality or even help tie into your location or the current season. The key is to avoid over-using the accent, which means that not everyone in the group needs to wear anything beyond the basics.

  1. Work Within in a More Extended Colour Palette

Although wearing all black or white shirts can help create a cohesive look, perhaps you want to include a bit more colour and variety. This approach requires a discerning eye, but you can always ask your photographer for input. Ideas for including more colours without appearing mismatched include:

  • With a base colour such as white, choose outfits in a few shades of another colour. For example, have one person in a dark blue shirt, another in a lighter blue dress, and another in a white shirt with a blue jacket.
  • Choose
  • Go a bit simpler by using a stricter combination of shades such as black, white, and grey or black and light grey with blue jeans and red as an accent colour. Some outfits may have elements of each or a combination of only two.

Keep in mind that certain colours and most patterns do not photograph well and should be avoided when coordinating outfits. If you have any questions, please contact me for help with everything from choosing a location to narrowing down your wardrobe choices. I look forward to capturing portraits of your beautiful family moments!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Let the Shoreline Call Your Name: 3 Tips for Beach Photography

photography tips
Our local beaches provide striking backgrounds for portraits of any kind, from teenagers and friends to couples and families. The possibilities for gorgeous shots are endless, including walking or running on the sand, stepping into the water, or sitting together on the beach or sand dunes. If you are considering the beach as the location for your photo shoot, here are three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Full Sunlight is Not Your Friend

You may think that the best time to schedule a photo shoot on the beach is during a summer day when the sun is on full display in a cloudless sky. In reality, these conditions are not the best background for capturing portraits and candid shots. Full afternoon sun can be harsh, as opposed to the soft and gentle light about an hour before sunset. Plus, standing in the sun makes most people squint, and cloudless skies do not photograph well. Some of the best times to book a photo shoot are just before sunset or right before a storm moves in and the sky is cloudy and colourful.

  1. Let Your Children Play

Photography TipsEven if your oldest child understands how to sit for a portrait, the chances are that all of your kids will simply want to play the minute you arrive on the beach for a shoot. Trying to corral them into a shot immediately may cause tantrums and tears. Instead, providing them with several minutes of play gives me the opportunity to capture candid, stunning shots. After a bit of time playing with the sand or beach toys, we may transition to some moving shots, such as walking or running down the beach. After that, it will be easier to collect the entire family for some seated or standing group shots if the children have had the chance to play for a while.

  1. Embrace Beach-Worthy Hair

Professional headshots are typically shot in studios, where the environment and lighting are completely controllable. If you are planning a photo shoot on the beach, you should understand that the outdoor environment is much more casual and variable than a studio setting. This is not the time to worry about your haircut or fringe, but rather to embrace all aspects of the beach – including the wind! In fact, I refer to free-flowing, naturally wind-blown hair as mermaid hair, which is quite gorgeous for moms and daughters alike. Plus, the less you worry about your hair, the more likely you will be to enjoy yourself on set and enable me to capture carefree, happy portraits of you and your family.

Is Beach Photography Right for You?

Beaches can be the perfect background for any photo shoot. However, if you like the idea of outdoor photography but are not sure if a waterside location is right for you, feel free to give me a call. We can chat about the possibilities for your session and plan a fun outing that can be captured on camera and treasured for years to come.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Keep Your Cool During Outdoor Summer Photography

family-photo-beachSummer is the perfect time for outdoor photography. The blue skies and radiant sunshine allow you to capture gorgeous photographs; however, there is one down side to outdoor summer photography: the heat. But if you prepare and plan accordingly, the heat doesn’t have to ruin your photo shoot.

How to Stay Cool During Outdoor Summer Photography

Want to know what you can do to stay cool during you summer photo shoot? Read on…

Dress Accordingly

If you are planning an outdoor photo shoot, it is best not to wear heavy pants and long sleeves. Opt for light, airy materials. Silk, cotton organdy, chiffon, and linen are all fabrics that breathe, which will help keep you cool while you pose outside. Darker colors attract the sun, so stick with lighter hues. Luckily lighter colors and fabrics are the fashion during summer, so you will look brilliant as you pose under the afternoon sun.

Stay Hydrated

The number one tip for staying cool is water, water, and more water. Start drinking before the photo shoot and continue drinking the whole time you are shooting. The last thing you want is to get dehydrated halfway through. Drinking cool water or a low-in-sugar sports drink is your number one defense against sweat and dehydration.

Another pro tip is to put cold bottles of water or ice packs on your pulse points. Keep them there for a minute or two to lower your body temperature.

Be Smart with Your Make Up 

Ladies, I know you want to look your best, but don’t cover your face in liquid foundation before spending an hour or so standing under the sun. Powder make up tends to withstand sweat and heat much better. If you want to go all out, consider having you make up airbrushed by a professional. Airbrush make up is sweat proof, water proof, and long lasting, so you won’t have to worry about wiping it off half way through the day. 

Speaking of, it is handy to have a handkerchief during your photo shoot so that you can keep the sweat at bay. 

Pick Your Time and Location Carefully

If you are going to shoot at 1pm on the beach, that’s fine, but be ready to sweat. One way to avoid looking sweaty and over-heated in your photographs is to shoot earlier in the day. The soft light of early morning creates beautiful photographs, but it is ideal for outdoor summer photography. It is also a good idea to pick a location near the shade. While you wont necessarily want to shoot in the shade, you can take breaks to cool off between photos.

Use Kiss Photography for Gorgeous Summer Photographs

While you worry about what to wear and how to keep the sweat at bay, let me worry about taking stunning photographs of you. Contact me today and we will pick a place and a time that is ideal for outdoor summer photography. Then, I will capture beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Fact or Myth: Is Bright Sunlight the Best Lighting for Outdoor Family Photography?

photo-background-tipYou’ve booked your outdoor family photography session; it’s the day before, and you notice the weather says tomorrow will be cloudy – what do you do?

This is a dilemma many clients face, and often many think that they just need to cancel and re-book for another time when the sun is bright.

Do you really need to reschedule? Can the photo session be saved?

I am going to take a look into cloudy skies and whether or not they should dampen your spirits or if your photos will be just as magical.

It’s Dark and Cloudy – Should You Cancel?

It’s only natural to worry about your photography session and cloudy skies. It might seem like that is not the time to get portraits taken, but don’t worry.

In fact, cloudy, overcast skies can make for a stunning, beautiful portrait session helping you capture gorgeous memories. You will also find that overcast skies might just help cut some of that intense summer heat we will see soon.

I love taking outdoor family photography when it’s sunny and cloudy because both produce magical images all of my clients love. Yes, that’s right – your photos can be just as magical if it is overcast.

Even if it is drizzling outside, that can still work, and I’ve had many clients who stick with it and end up absolutely loving their photos.

Naturally, if it starts to rain buckets, we can always reschedule, but you don’t need to worry when you see grey skies on the day of your session. 

Bright Sunlight Still Works Just as Well

Don’t worry though, while overcast skies can add a beautiful touch and help make the light less harsh, bright sunlight still works fine.

Shade is always your friend on sun-filled days, no matter what, and it is just as much of a friend when it comes to outdoor photography. This is why I adore going to places such as parks where we can have access to beautiful, naturally shaded areas.

It doesn’t matter where you want to get your family portraits taken or what the weather is like – you can still have amazing images and create beautiful memories. 

Get Outdoor Family Photography and Capture Your Memories

Are you ready to embark on an outdoor family photography journey? Then simply contact me and we can chat about your session!

I can give you excellent tips for the weather, and if the day happens to be cloudy or have a forecast of rain, I will gladly talk about all of your options.

Call today, and set up a session to capture your beautiful memories all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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