Here's a quick outline of how we create great images for you.

Over the last 15+ years we've developed a process that families love.

First up, the prices.

Our prices are really simple and actually haven't changed in years. We've found that we're constantly busy so that works out well for all.

A standard family portrait shoot with Margherita is $180 both weekends and weekdays.

Sundays do seem to be the preference for most families. Having said that some families have international travel commitments, sporting commitments or shift work so weekdays are better and that's fine also.

Our prints are consistently of the highest standard. In Margherita's teenage years she painted portraits and treats all her portrait-prints with the same attention to detail.

Rigorous quality standards apply - if it's not up to standard it doesn't leave the studio, simple as that.

The prints range from $195 for an A4 sized print up to $995 for something awesome designed to fill a wall, the choice is yours,  there are no minimum orders.

Occasionally we're asked if we do smaller prints like A5 sized ones, yes we can but they're a similar price because production time is the same.

Along with prints we also offer our Nova prints, canvas options and coffee table albums to match a variety of home decors.

We find that families are always evolving - whether they're relocating, downsizing, merging, moving overseas, it doesn't matter, we can capture something now regardless of the changes and complexities that are currently going on in your life.

It's all too easy to delay but time has a habit of escaping us.

We'll work to find exactly what suits you best, no fuss, no obligations.

The Delightfully Smooth Process


Chat with Margherita

After a quick chat with Margherita you'll have a great idea of what's possible for your family. Coordinating clothes, what to do, what not to do, the style of images that suit your family's personality. A great location for your shoot. What type of images you'd like to end up with and their costs. Whether you'll be bringing a pet! All the fun details that make up for a fantastic outcome. If you just want a couple of images, or are not sure and want to see a selection anything is fine, we want what's best for you. If it suits you can find a date for your family right then.


The day of the photo shoot

Before the shoot Margherita will have sent you some extra info to help with getting ready. Family Life is busy and unexpected stuff can crop up, it's normal.. flues, urgent business trips, broken bones, it's all happened before and we can accommodate changes if they pop up.
Otherwise we look forward to the shoot, remember Margherita specialises it making it fun, efficient and joyful. We encourage you to make a day of it, do something special together after the shoot.


Personalised viewing of your photos

Margherita will organise a convenient time for you to view your images! Margherita's super streamlined process will help and guide you to the best decision. We're a mobile studio so we come to you - we know you're busy and families love it.

Frequently asked questions..

Yes digitals are available.

Digital files are available as an add-on for printed portraits or on their own for a similar price to our standard prints.

Here's the rub.. digital files are handy but for precious family portraits intended to last generations they're only part of the process.

The problem is that whilst they’re convenient for social media and emailing they suffer from technology-creep which makes them difficult to safely store for a long time. Hard drives crash, files have compatibility issues or they get corrupted giving you access problems years later.

We’ve been managing millions of digital files for years and have to have an elaborate (constantly-evolving) system in place to make sure we never lose any.

We want your family to have beautiful hassle-free images that really will  last forever and professional prints are still the only way to safely achieve this.

But this is not the only reason!

There’s the irreplaceable visceral experience - there’s nothing more exciting than unwrapping and standing back to admire a vibrant expertly-printed image of your loved ones.

You will find yourself smiling daily, every time you catch a glimpse of it hung on the wall...

We'll create this for you, done, finished.

These are the reasons we like to complete the process for you.

Digital files are part of the journey but they're not the destination.

We're also all about quality over quantity so you’ll find that just a few essential prints needn't cost a fortune.

The way we often describe it is imagine you needed a family image to put into a time capsule - you’d only want the very best one.

It’s for this same reason our shoots don’t take hours - our years of experience have demonstrated time and again that quick, fun and joyful shoots deliver the very best results - so you can safely assure any reluctant family members that it won't be tortuous, in fact they may be surprised at just how much fun it can be ?

Most shoots range from 20 to 35 minutes and we encourage you to make a day of it and do something fun with your family afterwards.

When we catch up with families years later we hear how much fun it was and how precious the memories are they created - it's a great thing.

Ready to find out more?

Phone Margherita on  

0403 448 078  or email for a chat.

Margherita Gregory