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Gorgeous, Professional Photography for Cancer Patients

Sept35Over the years I’ve been in photography, I have had multiple clients approach me who either have been diagnosed or have a family member diagnosed with cancer. Many want to get portraits taken to help remember their loved one and want to make sure they capture gorgeous memories. I’ve also had mums contact me wanting to get photographs taken with their children in case they did not survive, giving their young kids something to remember them by. I’ve learned a few things that I am going to tell you about, through doing photography for cancer patients.

Portraits Can be a Great Way to Remember Your Loved Ones

Cancer is a harsh disease that can quickly take people we love away. When you get photography for cancer patients, you are able to capture memories and have the person’s memory live on long after they are gone or they can be used as celebration when the person beats the disease. One of the greatest things I’ve experienced is photographing individuals who want to have pictures so their loved ones can have great memories, yet they are now still alive. It is a wonderful feeling to photograph them with their family years later, showing how healthy they are now. However, this doesn’t always happen, which makes photography for cancer patients something families should consider to help keep the person’s memory alive. 

If You Are Losing Hair, You Can Use Scarves or Wigs

Many cancer patients have a hard time feeling pretty in photographs because of chemotherapy, battling the disease, being tired, and losing their hair. I’ve photographed several who’ve lost their hair through cancer treatments, but they used gorgeous headscarves and wigs that made the photograph session absolutely stunning. In fact, they all mentioned how gorgeous they felt during the session, saying it is a rare occurrence. Photography for cancer patients can be a great way to boost spirits for your loved one as well as your whole family and their friends. 

Photography for Cancer Patients Can Incorporate the Entire Family

I’ve also photographed children with cancer, which can be absolutely heartbreaking for all involved. When a child has cancer, more often than not, their whole family will be in the area. This creates a great opportunity to capture gorgeous memories with the child while the family is around him or her. I once took a young, 17-year-old client and her family to a garden to get gorgeous images that they all still cherish to this day. No matter the child’s age, dealing with cancer can be overwhelming for all involved, but family photographs can be a great way to break up the monotony of battling the disease with something fun for all. Photography can get everyone laughing, having a grand time for a small amount of time, which is always cherished by families.

If you or a loved one has cancer, you can contact me about photography for cancer patients. I aim to make the process a fun one, helping everyone feel relaxed and beautiful, no matter what. This will be a great way to capture memories that can last on for generations, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and we can chat about the session and what you would like to see!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)
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Getting Gorgeous Photographs Of Cancer Patients

Photographs Of Cancer PatientsCancer is a treacherous disease that can bring quite the amount of sadness to all families. No one knows exactly what to do, once he or she receives a diagnosis, especially if it is terminal. In the midst of chemotherapy and other treatments, cancer patients might not feel like doing much and may not want photographs because they do not feel attractive. I am going to look at a few stories of some clients and how I got some gorgeous photographs of cancer patients for their families to have and enjoy.

Scarves Can Help When Photographing a Cancer Patient

I have photographed a few different people with cancer, most of who have used some gorgeous scarves when getting their portraits taken. I had one client who wanted to get her portrait done because her daughter was so young and might not remember her if she passed. This client came to the session with a gorgeous scarf wrapped around her little growth of hair, and I was able to get some absolutely stunning photographs. She not only looked gorgeous, but she felt it as well.

Another client I photographed wanted to get some photographs with her family – three generations of children! She had a stunning scarf that also doubled as a wig, which was incredible. This scarf had fringe, making it look as if she had wrapped a scarf around her hair. She was able to put on some stunning professional makeup and get wonderful photographs with her daughter, as well as some great individual shots. 

Photographs Provide a Wonderful Distraction

While many do not feel up to getting their portraits taken, many do enjoy photographs because they provide a wonderful distraction. The patient’s family is always with them, which makes this a great opportunity to get portraits of everyone together. One patient whom I photographed was a 17-year-old girl. She was able to get all dressed up with professional looking makeup and just look and feel pretty. It was a great distraction for her and her family because they were all having fun getting ready for the session. It was also a great way to get beautiful family portraits with everyone together. There was a lot of laughter and fun being had during the session. 

Get Gorgeous Photographs Of Cancer Patients For Lasting Memories

The good news for the stories above is that the individuals mentioned survived, yet sometimes, and all too often, people do pass away from cancer. I, myself, have had a few wonderful friends who have passed away. Getting photographs of cancer patients gives friends and families the ability to have portraits of their loved ones if they pass away and also gives them all one last happy memory of spending time together, laughing, and not thinking about the disease.

If you have cancer or one of your family members does, please contact me, and we can discuss setting up a great portrait session. Getting photographs of cancer patients is a perfect way to provide a distraction, while also making sure to keep their memory alive.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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