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Portrait Photography: Getting Young Children to Cooperate

getting young children photos

Photo shoots involving children can be a challenge, whether the little ones are extremely active, camera-shy, or have a very short attention span. Thankfully, there are many ways to help make your portrait photography session a success. Keep scrolling to learn more:

Choose the Right Timing

A word to the wise: please, never book a photo session in the middle of your child’s usual naptime! After all, tired and hungry individuals tend to be grumpy and uncooperative, making it difficult to get the type of shots you want. Although some of the best outdoor lighting can be found in the morning, for example, it is essential to make sure your session does not conflict with naps and meals. Similarly, the light of late afternoons and early evenings is stunning, but such late hours may conflict with your child’s usual bedtime. A late night combined with the excitement of a trip may prove to be overwhelming. For best results, make sure everyone is fed and well-rested, and bring along a few snacks as well, but only bring them out as a last resort.

Pick a Fun Location

Children are much more likely to smile in photographs if they are happy and comfortable in their surroundings. Pick a location where your kids can play. The right location will help kids from getting bored and allow your photographer to capture a variety of natural, playful shots. Personally, I love being able to allow a family to relax and play with each other in the right setting and lighting, maybe amongst the trees?

Bring Shy Kids Out of Their Shell

If possible, arrive at the session a bit early. Doing so will give your children a chance to investigate their surroundings and interact with the photographer. Speaking with the photographer ahead of time, in particular, may help them warm up in front of the camera. Once the shoot has begun, let the photographer take the lead. Avoid over-coaxing or admonishing your kids, as neither method will result in great shots. In fact, trying to control the situation may lead to tantrums or emotional shutdowns. In these cases, I prefer you just chat normally as if you were at home. Don’t tell your kids to smile. That only results in fake grins. If you are cheeky and playful and make it fun, your kids will smile real genuine smiles that show off their true personalities.

To help your child feel more comfortable quickly, you could do something like ask funny questions. The resulting facial expressions and reactions are often priceless! You could also consider including your family dog in the shoot, or making sure that mum or dad is close by and in several shots with your shy little one.

Use a Bit of Bribery

Sessions should be fun, but your little one may need a bit of encouragement along the way. We will make the most of the time they pay attention on set, but you could also try to extend that time with the help of a few small bribes. For example, consider packing a few treats or a “treasure box” with inexpensive goodies as an incentive for your children to cooperate. Ahead of time, you could let them pick out a special outfit or some props that they get to carry and be responsible for during the session. A bit of external motivation often goes a long way in improving behaviour and staying focused.

Portrait Photography: What Not to Do

Although you will want your child to feel comfortable during the photo shoot, try to avoid talking about it for days on end. Discussing every detail can actually increase stress, as children tend to get worked up with anticipation before a big event. Instead, mention the session a couple of times and then give them more details the day of the shoot. On that day, be clear that the session is about having fun and that there is nothing to be nervous about.

During the session, avoid the ever-present impulse to tell your child to smile. Although this advice may seem counter-intuitive, telling a child to smile often results a forced, cheesy grin. Natural smiles come from being comfortable and having a good time, which is the goal of your session.

Need More Advice?

If you are still concerned about how your child might behave during a portrait photography session, reach out and contact me. Whether your family includes multiple, active little ones, or a child with special needs, I will work with you on an individual basis to capture beautiful images. Book a session today or contact me for more information.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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How to Prepare for Your First Family Photo Shoot

family photo shoot

Are you considering scheduling a family photo shoot, or have you already booked your session? Although my favourite tip is to simply smile, have fun, and enjoy the day, there are several more concrete things to think about as you prepare for the session.

Choose a Time to Meet

If you have not already booked your session, make sure to book it at a time that is convenient for your little ones. The morning and early evening are prime times for taking photos, but in summer the sunset may come after your child’s bedtime. If you do book an afternoon session, try to take off work at least a couple of hours beforehand so you have time to relax and prepare. I would much rather capture images of you feeling happy and relaxed than tired or stressed!

Lay Out Everyone’s Outfit

The big decision when it comes to choosing clothes for a photography session is whether to wear matching or coordinated clothes. Feel free to dress your little ones in matching outfits, or have the whole family dress in simple basics such as a black shirt with jeans. Otherwise, experiment with coordinating outfits within a chosen colour palette. Make sure your clothing fits the location and that you will be comfortable throughout the session.

Visit the Location Ahead of Time 

You can choose a location for a photography session on your own or in conjunction with your photographer. I have plenty of recommendations that are perfect for capturing a mix of formal portraits and more casual lifestyle shots. Unless you are booking a newborn photography session in your home, consider the benefits of a stunning outdoor location such as a park or the beach. Once you have chosen a location, take your kids there ahead of time. Let them run around and explore beforehand, so that coming back later will feel familiar and fun.

Tips for the Week Before

There are many small pointers that add up to great advice in the week before being photographed. Some of my top quick tips include:

  • Soothe chapped lips
  • Brush teeth regularly to help polish up your pearly whites
  • Stay hydrated so skin looks fresh
  • Have hair trimmed several days in advance
  • Try out new hairspray or clips ahead of time
  • Make sure everyone gets plenty of rest
  • Pack a small bag with snacks and toys to keep everyone happy during the session

In regards to your hair and make-up, I encourage clients to aim for a natural, everyday look. This is not the best time to wear heavy makeup or try out a new hairstyle. Keep in mind that the focal point of your images will be your smile and family bond, not your makeup, clothing, or background.

Family photo shoots allow me to capture your unique family connections in an exciting, enjoyable session. Feel free to contact me for information about booking a session or with any questions about your upcoming shoot.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: Getting Kids Excited


In my final instalment for How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography, I am going to look at how to get your kids excited.

Children are absolutely lovely to take adorable snaps of, but sometimes your little angels might not be excited about a professional session.

This can cause a bit more stress for you, but what if there were some ways to get your kids excited, making it a wonderful time for all?

I am going to look at a few, and I would love to chat with you and give you even more specific tips that can work for your adorable family. 

3 Ways to Really Get Your Kids Excited About Professional Family Photography

Do I have some magic word that you can say and wave a wand? Not particularly; but these tips can really help get your children excited about photos. 

  1. Let Them Take Their Own Photos Before the Session

Sometimes getting to know a camera and taking their own photos will help warm kids up to getting photos taken. You can get them little toy digital cameras to play with or if they are older, let them play with your cameras.

Let them take photos of everyone and be sure you take photos of them too, showing them just how fun pictures can be. 

  1. Feed Them Up Beforehand and Let Them Have a Treat

It is always a great idea to feed up your kids before a professional family photography session. I also think it is perfect to give them a little treat beforehand, with their meal.

Maybe their favourite ice cream or fruit; whatever it is they love, let them have a little of it. This will make them so happy before the session.

You can even give them a small treat after the photos to make the whole experience a fun one. 

  1. Bring Your Child’s Favourite Animal

Including animals in your professional family photography is a great idea when it comes to children and photography. If your child has his or her favourite dog running around, they’ll be more likely to laugh and have a great time.

And let me tell you, those cheeky little grins will be well worth bringing along a pet.

This also works very well when you have reluctant teens that you want to get excited about professional family photography.

Get the Best Professional Family Photography and Make Your Children Excited!

When you get your kids excited about family photos, the images will be absolutely incredible. Everyone will be relaxed and simply having a great time.

If you’d like to set up a session or learn a few more tips when it comes to getting your kids excited, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to chat to you about your session and make it the best ever.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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The Absolute Best Ages to Get Photographs of Your Children

laughing-babyIs there a perfect age when it comes to getting photographs of your children? You might be wondering this because you want to make sure each child has a great time while you can get gorgeous photos of them. I am here to tell you the perfect age to help you figure out when to get your children in your family photos. So what is the best age? All ages, of course! Let’s take a look.

Newborns Are Simply Beautiful

This is a gorgeous time with your child – right after he or she is born. You can capture stunning images of how small your child is, and capture those perfect moments before your child grows up. These are definitely portraits you will long cherish, and it will be amazing to look back at how much your child changed from the newborn session to later years. Simply gorgeous. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with Toddler and Small Child Photographs

Does it seem impossible to get photographs of your children when they are toddlers or small children (3 to 4 years old)? It can be a bit trying, but that doesn’t mean this is an age you should avoid! In fact, you will have some of the funniest, most adorable photos of your children when you get photographs of them around these ages. They all tend to be quite cheeky, which is always a joy to capture. 

The School Years are Absolutely Gorgeous

Going to school, having growth spurts, and losing teeth are all some of the most exciting moments for your school-age children. These ages are perfect to capture because you can get those missing-tooth photos, their pride in their school, and just watch them as they grow up in the photos. Capturing photographs of your children at these ages is amazing, especially if you get one each year, showing just how much they’ve grown over the years. 

Teens Love to Have Fun Photographs Taken

The teen years sure do seem like a very difficult time to get photographs of your children. However, these years are just as amazing and gorgeous as the earlier ones. You will know what your teen likes, which can make the session absolutely fun. We can go around throughout the city, capturing great, grungy shots or go to his or her favourite park. Doing what they want, and allowing them to wear their favourite clothing is a perfect way to ensure your teens have an absolute blast with the photographs. 

Any Age is the Perfect Age to Get Photographs of Your Children!

As I said, any age is absolutely wonderful when it comes to getting photographs of your children. You do not have to pass up this wonderful opportunity, so give me a call and we can chat about stunning family portraits you will simply love. I can give you excellent tips on how to make it fun for your child, and we can even include your family pet! I look forward to chatting with you and capturing your precious memories.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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How to Photograph Children with Cerebral Palsy

Photograph Children With Cerebral PalsyLife can get quite busy and rush by most of the time, which makes it difficult for you to get things done such as portraits of your family. Life can become even busier and more rushed if you have a child with special needs, like cerebral palsy. Many parents find that they do not have much time or energy to get portraits done, and many feel too embarrassed to since their child will not act like other children. The good news is, it is possible to photograph children with special needs and it is something I love to do. Capturing families together is one of the most precious things to me. In this blog, I am going to explore three tips to use when seeking to photograph children with cerebral palsy or any other special need, or indeed any child.

1. Find A Place That Is Easy To Access

One of my clients was worried to get photos of her daughter because the wheelchair prevented them from being able to access some of the more popular photography locations. We sat down and talked about ideas and realised that there was a small, gorgeous park with a stunning grove filled with old trees. We decided to take the photographs there and carried the girl to the bottom of a tree and organised her family around her. It was easy to access, yet also gave the family some gorgeous, unique photographs. This sort of location can be used for infants and toddlers to hold them up and pen them in if they want to run away. There are various areas I know of that will work perfectly.

2. Have Your Child Wear Comfortable Clothing

This is important for children, whether they have special needs or not. Choose clothing that you know your child likes and is comfortable in, because this will help the portrait process go smoothly and give you some of the most gorgeous photographs of you, your child, and family. A relaxed child means the photos will look relaxed and beautiful. If you put them in white, you will be stressed about dirt marks. For children in nappy’s be sure to have a ‘onesie’ under what they wear so it doesn’t show when they play, fall down and as they run around.

3. Talk With The Photographer About Your Child

Before you settle on a photographer, you should always chat with him or her about your child. I love chatting with my clients and learning about them and their family. It also helps to learn more about the children so that I can arrange a perfect portrait session with you and your child. When it comes time to photograph children, it is always important to understand the individual child as each is a gorgeous, unique being. 

It Is Possible To Photograph Children With Cerebral Palsy and other special needs

If you are still hesitant about getting photographs done of your child, I want to encourage you that it is possible to photograph children with cerebral palsy. Give me a call, and we can chat about your child, the photographs you would like, and I can suggest some excellent locations for you to get unique, wonderful family portraits.

Meeting Maddie

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a lovely young lady called Maddie who has cerebral palsy. We met at a local park with her whole family including grandparents. 3 generations. We set Maddie up on some cushions under a big tree and got some wonderful portraits on a sunny afternoon. I learnt a lot about Maddie and discovered she has her own website about her life. I encourage you to go and have a look and support her in her future. You’ll find it at http://maddiesmates.com/

You can support Maddie and have lots of fun by coming along to a Trivia night on August 23rd.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Photographing Children With Special Needs: Part Two

Special-Needs-Child-2In part one of my “Photographing Children With Special Needs” blog, I focused on some personal stories of when I have done sessions for families with special needs children. My goal is to show parents it is a wonderful idea to get professional portraiture of their children, with no apologies or feelings of embarrassment. As I have said, I love photographing children with special needs because each child is so unique and inspiring. I learn quite a bit from these children, and they truly enrich my life. Now I am going to take a quick look at the process of photographing children with special needs, aiming to help set your mind at ease about getting portraiture of your children. 

Meeting The Child and Family

One thing that helps me as a photographer, the family, and the child is to meet each other before the session. It is a great chance for a child to meet me and not be surprised when I seemingly show up randomlywith a big camera pointed his or her way. It also is perfect because I am able to talk with families about what the child needs. Does the child need a certain toy or article of clothing? What environment would work best? It is best to take photographs of a child in areas where he or she feels comfortable. This helps to get some of the most gorgeous, natural shots and help the child not worry or get stressed by being in a new environment with a new person. 

Being Gentle And Friendly

Having a friendly demeanour and being gentle with the child is also something that is important. I love to interact with children, as much as they will allow and always respect their wishes. Creating a gentle and friendly environment is great for all children, but especially when it comes to photographing children with special needs. They need to feel as relaxed as possible, which is possible with photographers who are gentle and understanding.

Flexibility Is Quite Important

One of the things I sometimes hear from parents is that they feel embarrassed or worried because their child cannot sit still or is not one to cooperate very well. When photographing children with special needs, it is important to be flexible and go with what the child is doing. This is one of the best ways to capture stunning images and is really part of photographing children overall. Allowing children to be themselves is important to me because I feel these photos are some of the most natural and beautiful shots anyone can get. In part one of this series, I had a client who had a young autistic child whom I followed around a park and snapped photographs as he ran to various spots. It was quite a lot of fun, and involved the necessity to be flexible. Because of being flexible with the situation, I was able to capture some of the most gorgeous shots of this child, and his parents were overjoyed to get such wonderful shots. 

Photographing Children With Special Needs Is Wonderful!

As I have said in my previous post, photographing children with special needs is possible and is absolutely wonderful! If you have a child with special needs and desire to get gorgeous professionally done portraiture, please contact me today!

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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Special-Needs-Child-1Many parents long to get portraits taken of their children, and many who have children with special needs find that this can be difficult. This can stop families from getting photographs taken of their children, which means that they will not have many memories in the future. Photographing children with special needs is possible (and an amazing experience) let me show you by sharing a few of my own stories with you. 

Photographing Children With Autism

Children with autism range in how they react to certain situations, making it quite interesting to learn new ways to photograph them. For example, I have photographed several children with autism, but for this blog will focus on two. These two are completely different, and I learned some new ways in which to photograph them, capturing wonderful images. One was a 14-year-old boy who had a very short attention span. He would run everywhere, which led his mum and I to do the session in their backyard. This proved to be spectacular for the family, and I got some incredible shots of him playing on his favourite play set and with his siblings. I even had them all jump on the trampoline because it was a great opportunity just to show them all having a wonderful time together, being completely relaxed. Such a great lifestyle shot, as well, for the family!

Another boy I photographed had a different attention span, and loved his picture being taken. We went to some gardens with his mum and sister, and I was able to capture some gorgeous shots. He would run to a spot he liked and turn around with a gorgeous smile. He gave me about 30 seconds to a minute to capture this before he ran to the next spot. It was quite a bit of fun for all involved! 

Photographing Children With Asperger’s

Another session I did was photographing a young boy with Asperger’s who did not give much eye contact and rarely showed emotions, even if he was incredibly happy. I went down to the beach with him and his family, and I encouraged them to bring along the family dog. This proved to be perfect for this child and helped me get some stunning photos of him playing and showing amazing joy. Making him comfortable and relaxed was the best thing to do in order to get these stunning shots. This is quite true of all children, especially those with special needs. 

Photographing Children With Special Needs Is Possible!

Do not worry if you have a child with special needs – photographing them is possible! It is very fun, and I always learn new, wonderful things. I have photographed children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, blindness, and other special needs many times. It is always an incredible chance to meet lovely people and watch these incredible children just be themselves. Contact me today to learn more about photographing children with special needs! I will be more than willing to help you figure out the best setting for your child and will make the process fun and relaxing. This little cutie in the portrait is Jireh my nephew.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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