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Family Photography: The Best Ages for Your Children to Get Photos

sweet-little-girlFamily photography is something I believe is absolutely perfect for everyone. It helps capture memories and is a wonderful time for families to laugh and relax. However, I’ve heard from different families that they aren’t sure what the best ages for child photography is and haven’t taken many, if any, family photos yet. I am going to take a look at all the different ages that are absolutely perfect for your children when it comes to family photography and why these are the best.

  1. Newborn Photography is Stunning

I adore newborn photography because it captures some absolutely gorgeous moments between the baby and family. This is a beautiful milestone, and is something that is incredible to look back on. I had one client who I photographed as a baby, and he now has a child of his own. We recreated his newborn photos with his newborn and it was simply lovely. This is a great memory for everyone and a milestone you do not want to miss!

  1. Cheeky Toddlers: Ages 1 and 2

This age is a fun one, but it can also be a little tricky. This is just around the time when many children learn how to run, which can make family photography a little overwhelming if you want them to sit still. However, this age is perfect because it allows you and your family to just have a grand time. You can run around the parks or beaches chasing your children, laughing, and playing pretend. I’ve had many clients who have done this, and the photos turned out gorgeous.

  1. Ages 3 and 4 Are Difficult, but Gorgeous!

This can be the most difficult age when it comes to family photography with your children, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it! This could be a great chance to bring your child’s favourite toy to the photo sessions, and to feed them up before it starts. Once you get to the location, playing pretend is a great way to get them to relax and have a splendid time, without being distracted by the camera or me.

  1. The School Years: Capture Wonderful Milestones.

This is simply a lovely time for children and family photography! The school years are the time when children start losing their teeth, and growing and changing quickly. Capturing these changes is a wonderful way to create memories and capture amazing milestones such as progressing and beginning a new year in school.

  1. Teenagers Aren’t as Difficult as You Think

Many families have to deal with reluctant teens that aren’t keen on having their portraits taken, but these ages can be incredibly fun. This is the perfect chance to capture their individual personalities and let them do things they want in the photos. When it comes to family photography with teenagers, I always encourage my clients to let their teens dress how they want, and then I will let them pose in relaxed, cool ways to make the whole experience fun for them.

Once your children are all grown, you don’t have to stop – I’ve taken many photos of children all grown up into their twenties, and started the process over with grandchildren. I truly believe that every age is the best age for family photography because children grow and change so much, and it is incredible to capture that on film. Contact me today and we will chat about family photography and where we can go that your children will simply love!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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How to Get Your Reluctant Husband to Do Family Photography

couple-photographyThroughout my years of doing family photography, I’ve noticed that many husbands don’t often like to get their photographs taken. This could be because of childhood memories of having to stand for half an hour or more before a picture is taken or going to stuffy studios with their families. Many women are the ones who call in, and often they tell me they aren’t entirely sure how to get their husbands on board with family photography. I do have some great news, though! Wives can easily convince their husbands to get pictures done, and I am going to look at just how you can do this.

  1. Show Them Pictures of Other Blokes Relaxing and Having Fun

One of the best ways to convince your husband to get photographs is to show him other images of other blokes relaxing with their families. This can show him that other guys enjoy family photography, and that it does provide some excellent images that are perfect for your family. I have several excellent photos that you can show him, or you can ask to see your friends’ family photography, to show just how wonderful photographs are. 

  1. Tell Them About Outdoor Family Photography

As I said earlier, many people, especially men, think of stuffy studios when they think of getting family photography. However, I love doing outdoor photography because I think this captures the best, most natural relaxed smiles. When you tell your husband about family photography, tell him about getting photos done outdoors. He can play footie, chase the kids, and just have a fun time with whatever he enjoys. 

  1. He Can Wear Relaxing Clothing

I always recommend that people wear relaxing clothing when they are getting their portraits taken, and this is a great way to convince your husband. Everyone can wear jeans, nice, loose shirts or button-ups that are comfortable. Whatever is relaxing for you and all of your family is a great idea for your photos, and your husband will be very thankful he can wear relaxing, comfortable clothing. You will find that once you tell him he doesn’t have to wear stuffy clothes, that he will be more willing to get photos taken! 

  1. Feed Them Up – Give Them Lunch Bribes!

After you’ve convinced your husband to get family photography, then you want to make sure you give him lunch bribes and feed him up before the shoot. This will help him be more relaxed and happy, and if you and your kids eat as well, you all will be relaxed. Fed people are happy people, and you want your photos to be absolutely incredible!

If you are looking for excellent family photography that your husband will enjoy, then give me a call and we can chat about the session. I will help you figure out more ways to convince your husband, transforming him from a reluctant photo-taker to one that is ready to go. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Why You Should Get Great Winter Family Photography

family portraitSummer is slowly coming to a close here in Queensland, which means winter is soon around the corner. This is a perfect time because everything cools down, and you can get gorgeous winter family photography. I love this time of year for photographs because the light is so crisp and clear, and simply stunning. It adds such a wonderful touch. I also adore the families cuddled up in their cardigans, smiling and looking blissful in the cooler weather. Why should you get winter family photography? Let me show you just why it is such a great idea!

  1. Winter is a Great Time to Prepare Your Christmas Cards

When Christmas comes around for Australia, it is summertime, and we don’t want to rush to get out our Christmas cards. Winter family photography is great because you can pose in some fun Christmas inspired sweaters and get your cards started before the end of the year is even close. You won’t have the mad rush to get everything done last minute, and you will simply have a grand time taking Christmas portraits during the winter. 

  1. It is Much Cooler in the Winter

Another reason I love winter family photography is because it is much cooler in the winter. Here in Queensland, we do have remarkable weather in the summer, but winter provides families with the chance to have portraits taken without sweating and wearing their favourite winter stuff. You will also find that it is much easier to just run around and play with your children because it isn’t too hot, and no one will overheat! 

  1. Parks are Emptier, Which is Perfect for Winter Family Photography

With winter comes empty parks and beaches, which can be remarkable for family photography. We can go to your favourite parks and you will not need to worry about random strangers appearing in the background of your photos. Winter family photography provides you with an intimate setting outdoors, which adds such a gorgeous touch to all family photographs. This will also be great if you want to include animals in your portraits, because people in the parks will not distract them. You can also simply drive right up to where you want to be without needing to walk long distances because there won’t be any cars taking up space. You won’t need to bring a pram, which helps to lighten your load significantly.

If you would like to get winter family photography, then all you need to do is contact me. We can chat about what you want, and I can give you all of the perfect winter photography tips I have. This will be an incredible chance to take portraits when it is cooler and when the parks are empty, creating gorgeous, unique family photographs you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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How to Photograph Children with Cerebral Palsy

Photograph Children With Cerebral PalsyLife can get quite busy and rush by most of the time, which makes it difficult for you to get things done such as portraits of your family. Life can become even busier and more rushed if you have a child with special needs, like cerebral palsy. Many parents find that they do not have much time or energy to get portraits done, and many feel too embarrassed to since their child will not act like other children. The good news is, it is possible to photograph children with special needs and it is something I love to do. Capturing families together is one of the most precious things to me. In this blog, I am going to explore three tips to use when seeking to photograph children with cerebral palsy or any other special need, or indeed any child.

1. Find A Place That Is Easy To Access

One of my clients was worried to get photos of her daughter because the wheelchair prevented them from being able to access some of the more popular photography locations. We sat down and talked about ideas and realised that there was a small, gorgeous park with a stunning grove filled with old trees. We decided to take the photographs there and carried the girl to the bottom of a tree and organised her family around her. It was easy to access, yet also gave the family some gorgeous, unique photographs. This sort of location can be used for infants and toddlers to hold them up and pen them in if they want to run away. There are various areas I know of that will work perfectly.

2. Have Your Child Wear Comfortable Clothing

This is important for children, whether they have special needs or not. Choose clothing that you know your child likes and is comfortable in, because this will help the portrait process go smoothly and give you some of the most gorgeous photographs of you, your child, and family. A relaxed child means the photos will look relaxed and beautiful. If you put them in white, you will be stressed about dirt marks. For children in nappy’s be sure to have a ‘onesie’ under what they wear so it doesn’t show when they play, fall down and as they run around.

3. Talk With The Photographer About Your Child

Before you settle on a photographer, you should always chat with him or her about your child. I love chatting with my clients and learning about them and their family. It also helps to learn more about the children so that I can arrange a perfect portrait session with you and your child. When it comes time to photograph children, it is always important to understand the individual child as each is a gorgeous, unique being. 

It Is Possible To Photograph Children With Cerebral Palsy and other special needs

If you are still hesitant about getting photographs done of your child, I want to encourage you that it is possible to photograph children with cerebral palsy. Give me a call, and we can chat about your child, the photographs you would like, and I can suggest some excellent locations for you to get unique, wonderful family portraits.

Meeting Maddie

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a lovely young lady called Maddie who has cerebral palsy. We met at a local park with her whole family including grandparents. 3 generations. We set Maddie up on some cushions under a big tree and got some wonderful portraits on a sunny afternoon. I learnt a lot about Maddie and discovered she has her own website about her life. I encourage you to go and have a look and support her in her future. You’ll find it at http://maddiesmates.com/

You can support Maddie and have lots of fun by coming along to a Trivia night on August 23rd.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Photographing Children With Special Needs: Part Two

Special-Needs-Child-2In part one of my “Photographing Children With Special Needs” blog, I focused on some personal stories of when I have done sessions for families with special needs children. My goal is to show parents it is a wonderful idea to get professional portraiture of their children, with no apologies or feelings of embarrassment. As I have said, I love photographing children with special needs because each child is so unique and inspiring. I learn quite a bit from these children, and they truly enrich my life. Now I am going to take a quick look at the process of photographing children with special needs, aiming to help set your mind at ease about getting portraiture of your children. 

Meeting The Child and Family

One thing that helps me as a photographer, the family, and the child is to meet each other before the session. It is a great chance for a child to meet me and not be surprised when I seemingly show up randomlywith a big camera pointed his or her way. It also is perfect because I am able to talk with families about what the child needs. Does the child need a certain toy or article of clothing? What environment would work best? It is best to take photographs of a child in areas where he or she feels comfortable. This helps to get some of the most gorgeous, natural shots and help the child not worry or get stressed by being in a new environment with a new person. 

Being Gentle And Friendly

Having a friendly demeanour and being gentle with the child is also something that is important. I love to interact with children, as much as they will allow and always respect their wishes. Creating a gentle and friendly environment is great for all children, but especially when it comes to photographing children with special needs. They need to feel as relaxed as possible, which is possible with photographers who are gentle and understanding.

Flexibility Is Quite Important

One of the things I sometimes hear from parents is that they feel embarrassed or worried because their child cannot sit still or is not one to cooperate very well. When photographing children with special needs, it is important to be flexible and go with what the child is doing. This is one of the best ways to capture stunning images and is really part of photographing children overall. Allowing children to be themselves is important to me because I feel these photos are some of the most natural and beautiful shots anyone can get. In part one of this series, I had a client who had a young autistic child whom I followed around a park and snapped photographs as he ran to various spots. It was quite a lot of fun, and involved the necessity to be flexible. Because of being flexible with the situation, I was able to capture some of the most gorgeous shots of this child, and his parents were overjoyed to get such wonderful shots. 

Photographing Children With Special Needs Is Wonderful!

As I have said in my previous post, photographing children with special needs is possible and is absolutely wonderful! If you have a child with special needs and desire to get gorgeous professionally done portraiture, please contact me today!

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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Family Photography Beautiful Memories for the Whole Family

Family Photography beautiful memories for your kidsWhile it’s understandable that not everyone likes to have their picture taken, it’s also incredibly important to remember the true reasons why photography is a part of our lives in the first place. You may have a tendency to think otherwise, but in reality portraits aren’t really for you. They’re priceless memories that you’re preserving forever for your children and your entire family.

Family Photography Beautiful Memories

Family photography, couples photos of mums and dads, and even just individual shots of older family members may not seem like big deals now, but they will mean more and more to your family as the years go by. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that portraits should be all about capturing memories of their children for themselves to treasure as they get older… but it’s important not to forget that one day your children will want memories of you, too.

The One behind the Camera

Every family has that one member that’s shy about having their picture taken and always opts out of family portraits. In many cases, that person may choose to be the photographer in pretty much every instance. (It’s often the mother, but sometimes it’s the father or a grandparent.) However, the problem with that scenario is that person’s loving family won’t be able to look back on beautiful visual memories that include them.

This happened with my sister-in-law’s family, actually. In her family, it was her auntie that took all of the family’s photographs or hid every time the camera came. They quite simply didn’t realize until she passed away that this seemed to be the case every time it was picture time. Now they hardly have any photos of her to treasure and they wish they’d insisted on her taking her turn in front of the camera once in a while along with everyone else.

Your Family Loves You the Way You Are

People have a lot of reasons for not really wanting to appear in family portraits, but the most common one is that they don’t really like the way they look. Dads can be insecure about a receding hairline or mums can be bashful about those few extra kilos they’d like to lose. However, it’s important to remember that your family loves you exactly the way you are – extra kilos and all – and they will be grateful for the opportunity to remember you exactly this way.

You might also be surprised to find out that you enjoy remembering yourself the way you are now as well. Just think about how much you treasure photos of yourself from a decade ago. The chances are excellent that you can remember feeling the same apprehension about getting in front of the camera then that you feel now. Trust me when I say you’ll feel the same way in another ten years!

Always remember that these beautiful moments you’re sharing together can’t ever be relived and it’s not enough to simply remember to capture some of the experience. Make sure everyone’s included every time. One day, you’ll be grateful you did.

Talk soon!

Margherita :)

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