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Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children

Sept74The one truth that remains the same is that children would much rather participate in photographs when they are able to run around and be themselves. If they are in a studio, they feel confined and are oftentimes told not to touch anything. This stops them from enjoying the session, stifling them, keeping those gorgeous, natural looking photos from being taken. This is why shooting a session outside is a perfect idea for children. I am going to look at a few Brisbane settings that will work amazingly for photographing your children.

1. Big Trees And Caves For Exploration

Big trees and caves offer an excellent opportunity to allow children to pretend they are looking for fairies or dinosaurs. I love helping little girls look for fairyland and capturing their gorgeous smiles as they start searching. I remember telling one little boy that I thought there were dinosaurs in a small cave, he was quite excited, and I captured some stunning images. When you engage their imagination, you will get some of the most magnificent portraits. 

2. Climbing Trees

Climbing gorgeous fig trees or other trees is a perfect portrait opportunity. It is one that is unique, and it will also be wonderful for children. This gives them the ability to play and just be themselves without the stuffiness of a studio or posed shots. I am able to capture their cheeky grins and their beautiful personalities as they are climbing and playing. This helps distract your children from the fact that they are being photographed, which will help them not feel awkward as the portraits are snapped. By doing something like this, I am able to capture them in the best and most natural setting, creating excellent images that you will cherish forever. 

3. Natural Hiding Spots

When photographing small children who feel awkward standing in front of the camera or staring at the lens, finding settings around Brisbane with natural “hiding” spots will be a perfect portrait opportunity. This allows the kids to feel like they are hiding from me, which allows me to capture some adorable portraits of them peeking around the corners of old walls. This can work with old buildings and walls, trees, flowers – the possibility is endless. Whichever place we choose will be perfect to capture gorgeous smiles and adorable eyes staring out at me. 

4. Fields, Old Sheds, and Vehicles Are Perfect

I did one session with a family in a field and around some old sheds; it was gorgeous. I was able to capture the children running around the field, playing and having a wonderful time. The old sheds also offered incredible photographs that were simply stunning. Old vehicles are another great setting for children. I had one young boy who loved fire trucks and other vehicles. I was able to find a location with stunning old cars and trucks, taking his portrait there. The images turned out incredible, and he had a wonderful time. These are great ideas as they can let the child have a fun time, imagine different things, and just being relaxed overall. 

Find The Perfect Brisbane Setting For Your Children

Finding the perfect Brisbane settings for your children is great to capture some stunning images. Contact me, and we will chat about the various locations that I think will be perfect. If you have any questions or have your own ideas, I am willing to answer and listen! Contact me today to set up a superb portrait session for your children.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Family Portraits and Storytelling

Sept50Portraits are so important for families and children, as they tell a story of that particular family. Each family has a unique story and I enjoy hearing each one as I take their photographs. The stories are varied, but I am always grateful to hear the little gems families tell me. One of the stories I hear consistently is how important family portraits are to many people. Because of this, I will be talking about the importance of family portraits in this blog and, specifically, how children truly appreciate seeing their photos on those physical walls.

First, a Story

I was taking portraits for a family with five children and began chatting with the father. He told me that portraits show children that they are loved and if the children have any doubts at any time, all they have to do is look to the wall to know they are loved. This was truly a remarkable statement and he explained that growing up his father never had portraits of him or his siblings on their walls. He saw many other families with professional, gorgeous portraits, but they never had any. One day this man asked his father if he loved the children, which shocked the father. Of course, he did! It simply came down to the children not seeing their photos and did not feel loved. Because of this, the gentleman wanted photos of his children to place on the family’s wall.

Family Portraits Are a Form of Storytelling

Stories make up a large part of our lives and we are daily living out these stories. Sometimes we remember things later on in life but other times it is easy to forget. This is where family portraits combine with storytelling because it is a great way to remember little stories and share them with future generations. In every session, there will always be a random memory or funny instance that pops up and I always try to get these on camera. These make some of the best memories for families and always look great up on their walls and in a portrait book. A year, two years, or ten years later, families can look through their portrait book and look on their walls and remember the fun time they had when getting those portraits taken! 

They Create Memories for Your Children

Most importantly, portraits create memories for your children and tangibly show them that they are loved and important. You may be surprised at just how much a child will remember and how early their first memories are. Many children will remember a photo session with their family and will look back fondly on those times when they are older. They will know from a young age just how loved they are when you make time to get photos taken together. They willalso know they are loved when you frame and hang the portraits on the wall. Like I said earlier, photos on the walls matter to children. 

Never Hesitate to Get Photos Taken

You should never hesitate to get your family portraits taken. Yes, there will always be the worry of a child having meltdown but I have captured many wonderful portraits for families to hold on to and cherish. Call me to set up a session and begin a storytelling adventure with family portraits! They will last ages and will make very fond memories for all.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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The Dos and Don’ts of Shooting Family Portraits

The do's and don'ts of shooting family portraits Naturally, getting the absolute best images for the families I photograph doesn’t present the exact same challenges each and every time. However, there are certainly some tried and true techniques for improving the enjoyment for everyone whilst shooting family portraits.

After all, great photographs are all about creating pleasing visuals and accurately capturing memories or emotions. That can be just as much about actual technique as it is anything else. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tricks of the trade photographers rely on to make sure their family portraits always come out wonderfully.

DO Prioritize Clothing Coordination

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to the families to choose what they’d most like to wear when posing for their portraits. However, it’s always a good idea to encourage families coordinate with one another. Portraits look their best when the people involved wear colors and styles that really mesh well together visually, so a little forethought in this area can go a long way. Simple shades, neutral tones, and flowing lines work best, while very loud colors, patterns, or logos are the hardest to work with.

Avoid Negative words whilst shooting family portraits

The photographer is responsible for helping to maintain the overall mood of a family photo shoot, so negative language should always be avoided. Avoid saying things like: “Smile properly!” Instead, simply say: “That’s wonderful. Now let’s try a different spot.” It’s also important to encourage your subjects throughout the entire session. People always react with enthusiasm to the sincere expression of phrases like “love it” and “you’re gorgeous”. After all, who doesn’t want to be told when they look great on film? I honestly find that the more enthusiastic I am about a given shoot, the more enthusiastic the subjects also become and that’s something that shows up wonderfully in the finished product.

DO Create Genuine Smiles

We all know too well how a fake smile comes across on film. That’s exactly why I always make it a point to shoot families in environments and situations that naturally bring out the best in them. If there’s a specific location that is special to the family or an activity that can’t help but put everyone involved into the right mood, a good photographer will jump at the chance to include it as part of a family portrait. A genuine smile is the most beautiful smile!

DON’T Be Afraid to Consider Input from the Subjects

While a great photographer is naturally going to be really good at connecting with the subjects of the portraits, it’s important not to undervalue suggestions from the families themselves. Some of the best suggestions come directly from the children as far as how to pose or what sounds fun for bringing out the best in everyone. Getting the family involved in their own photo session is also a terrific way to put everyone at ease to boot. That said, every photographer should develop a good listening ear. You never know when your next great suggestion could come right from the horse’s mouth.

Catch up with you soon :)


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