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Gift Idea: DIY Book Picture Frames

DIY Book Picture Frames

DIY Book Picture Frames

Many of us like a good DIY project now and again. It’s fun to do and is easy on the wallet. DIY also gives gift givers the chance to add a personal touch to almost any gift. To make DIY Book picture frames, you don’t need fancy tools or expensive materials. They’re super easy to make! If you’ve got a couple of photographs but no frames to display them in, worry not. With these tips, your photographs will be on display in no time.

Those old hardcover books sitting in the basement can be repurposed. Chances are these books have become subject to wear and tear over time, making them perfect to use as picture frames. This project will only take about 15 minutes and the best part is that the frame of the book stands up on its own. You can still read the book even when it’s playing host to a photograph.

What You’ll Need

Take the hardcover book you’d like to use. If you’re not willing to use any of the books you have lying around the house, there are many book stores that sell second hand books in every colour. You’re likely to come across one with a design you really like. Both solid colours and different prints will work well; just make sure the portrait is the star and not the frame. The larger the photo, the larger the book needs to be. You’ll also need the portrait you’d like to frame, a utility knife, a ruler, pen/ pencil or marker, masking tape and a plastic page protector.

Preserve Your Family Images Today

  • Once you have your book, open the front cover and centre the portrait on it. Use a marker, pen or pencil and the ruler to trace around the edges.
  • The plan is to cut 3 mm inside the lines you’ve just drawn. Using the utility knife and ruler, begin scoring at the 3 mm mark. It may take a few tries to get the knife through the cover, but it is better to take your time with this process. Remember to protect your work surface so that the knife does not scratch it. Propping the rest of the book up against a wall is a good way to get it out of the way.
  • Once the knife has made scores deep enough to clearly outline the edges on the other side of the cover, turn the book over and slice through the front of the cover a few times to complete the cuts. You should be able to easily pop the cut portion out of the book at
    this point. Don’t worry if there’s some fraying of the edges, the charm in this DIY picture frame lies in its imperfection.
  • Open up the front cover again and lay the page protector down, lining up one side just outside the line that was originally drawn. Mark the rest of the rectangle out on the page protector and trim just outside the lines you drew.
  • Now your portrait has a perfect-sized protector to slip into.
  • Place the protected portrait face down on the inside of the cover and secure it in place with masking tape along the short sides.
  • Flip the book over and voilà! You’re done.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The great thing about DIY picture frames is there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to do things. The whole point of DIY is to add your own personal touch. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing what to display your memories in or on. Anything from old picture frames to old door frames, maps, newspapers, glass, chalkboard and everything in between can be used. Go wild!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Unique Framing Projects

The Best Portrait Framing Projects for Your Family Photographs

Unique Framing Projects

how to frame picturesOne of my favourite things is when I have clients that come up with incredibly unique framing projects for their photographs. My clients come up with some of the greatest ideas, and I am going to share a few of these with you today. Unique framing projects are great ways to frame your gorgeous family portraits and have something no one else does. Let us take a quick look at three different ideas that can work for you. 

1. Old Windows Make Gorgeous Unique Framing Projects

One of my clients had some gorgeous old style windows from a house they were renovating. These were the old style square windows complete with stunning stained glass. The windows each had five openings, and we worked to get photographs of the family that would fit perfectly. The first set of photos was taken around a gigantic old tree, adding such a unique flair to the portraits. For the next set of photos, we did a session at the beach and added those portraits into the next window. Since they were renovating, they had several windows like this. These turned out stunning with that stainedglass surrounding the portraits and added a touch that no one else had. 

2. Find Interesting Antiques While Out Shopping

Antique stores offer incredible frames from old photograph frames to mirror frames. These can make gorgeous sets for your family portraits, especially if you plan on adding them to your old photograph collection. A client of mine had a newborn session done and decided also to have a family reunion photo session. Their parents came in for the photographs, and they were around 80 to 90 years old. Incredible! My clients asked for me to take the photos of the older couples so they could add the portraits to some stunning antique frames the family owned. I helped them choose the perfect clothes and took the photographs to look like an old portrait. This looked gorgeous in the frame and with the series of older photographs this family had. Such a priceless experience! 

3. Glass Squares Are Perfect For A Modern Look

While I have not had a client that has used this technique yet, I know that modern styling is popular with many families.Glass squares provide stunning, unique, and modern looking frames. Some people have used two glass squares to place a picture inside and hold it firmly in place, then added mounting brackets to place the portraits on the wall. This makes a trendy modern look that is easy to manage. 

I love working with unique frames and enjoy planning photos that will look perfect in them. All you will need to do is inform me of your project, and I can help you get the best photographs for your unique framing project. If you cannot think of any ideas, I will gladly provide any assistance. Contact me today to set up a session, and we can discuss wonderful framing projects to go along with your portraits!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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