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4 Ways to Decorate Any Space Using Beautiful Family Portrait Photos

Decorate with Family Portrait Photos

Do you have a few framed prints scattered around your home or office?

Would you like to display more, but in a way that fits with your décor?

Or, are you afraid of things looking cluttered or overly sentimental?

Professional family portrait photos are meaningful and artistic, capable of adding both warmth and polish to any room. Plus, many fine art prints are heirlooms that deserve to be on display.

The right frame and placement will help transform your décor with a personal, artistic touch.

4 Unique Ways to Decorate With Family Portrait Photos

Here are several ideas for decorating with your prints:

1. Showcase an Oversized Print

Some images are truly works of art, the kind of pictures that deserve to be displayed beyond Facebook and Instagram. Hanging an oversized picture of your loved ones in your home is a warm, eye-catching, and extremely personal way to decorate. Choose an image that will draw attention without dominating the room, and make it the focal point. Leave enough wall space around it to avoid a cluttered look. Simple frames are usually best to avoid detracting from the image, but use your artistic license! At the same time, keep in mind that not all pictures will look just as good when enlarged. In addition to having a great composition and rich colours, images that are professionally taken will have enough pixels and focus to withstand being displayed at any size.

2. Create a Grouping of Playful Portraits

Consider a blank wall the perfect opportunity to create a unique art installation. Hanging multiple images and experimenting with different wall groupings is a great way to add visual appeal and keep a room from feeling drab. Browse Pinterest or other home decorating sites for ideas, but here are a few basics to get started. It is easy to find frames that go with a room’s existing colour palette. You could, for example, pick all the same style and colour of frames, match the colour and material but in different styles, or utilize coordinating frames or complementary colours. Choose your absolute favourites to display, and either keep other prints in a photo album or rotate out framed images seasonally.

3. Coordinate with Other Mementos

Are you afraid that your family portrait photos will stick out and look too much like they are on display? While there is no reason not to showcase your family, some rooms call for a more subtle approach to decorating. Carefully considering which prints and other mementos to display will help the images blend seamlessly into the space’s existing décor, complimenting its aesthetic. Depending on the room, you might want to exhibit some of your children’s artwork, create a shadowbox display, or even buy a new lamp or end table for the area.

4. Display Images in Kids’ Rooms

Imagine your child waking up every morning to a trio of beautiful, happy family photos. The images will remind your child of a fun day spent together and all the smiles and laughs you share on a regular basis. Hang the frames high enough that they will not be bumped into while your children are playing. Also, make sure each frame is super secure in case the wall gets knocked into or shaken. Alternatively, ask about child-safe glass and framing options to help avoid any accidents.

For a fun activity, keep your children engaged throughout every aspect of the photo shoot and decorative decisions. Let them each choose which print or prints to display in their respective rooms. Then, let them pick out the frames or even decorate them! They will be proud to make such an important decision and eager to see each image in place in their rooms.

More Than Décor: Creating Family Heirlooms

When hanging your family portrait photos, the right mat and frame will help protect the images for years to come. After all, fine art prints are heirlooms that celebrate a special moment, memory, or time in life. If you do not have any recent or professional prints, consider booking a session today. Let me help you commemorate an engagement, anniversary, birth of a child, or a new home. We can also showcase the sibling bond between your children or capture a stunning, multi-generational picture while everyone is in town.

My sessions always include a mix of formal prints and more casual, lifestyle shots. I want to capture your unique bond and personalities, creating images that you will want to look at again and again.

Contact me today to learn more about planning a session. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Print Box Sets

Kiss Photography produce Print Box Sets which offer Brisbane families flexibility and choice.

Print Box Sets are timeless, flexible and instantly become precious family heirlooms.

We often don’t think of Print Box Sets when we think “family portraits”.

Instead we tend to think of “big stuff” on the walls – but that doesn’t always work so easily with these scenarios…

  • You might be planning to move house in the next year
  • Or maybe you are currently in-between houses
  • Your family is on an overseas posting, working abroad, and your home contents are in storage
  • Planning some extended time touring the country, micro retirement maybe?
  • Or alternatively you know you’re overdue for some family portraits but are not sure you of what you’d like as the finished product..

Print Box Sets are perfect for…

Print box sets offer the ultimate in flexibility when you want to make sure your family memories are secure.

  • you don’t have to limit yourself and cut out the extra portraits you love
  • they can be stored for individual hanging later, as time permits
  • you can enjoy variety and different looks from your shoot
  • a collection is easier to share with family down the track..
  • they are easier for travelling families (a perfect memento of your family time abroad)

Updating your family’s portraits

Often families want get an update of their portraits every 3 – 5 years but may not have made the final decision on where they want to hang them due to life changes..

Print Box Sets are perfect if your family is in a transitional phase e.g. your kids are rapidly approaching University age!

They work well because at least you have captured the time now, as well as giving yourself the opportunity to cover the bases.

For example.. your teenagers might be getting close to finishing secondary school and they are talking about traveling overseas to study.

This is a very important time for your family and you’ll want to capture it.

Often what happens is you don’t realise how beautiful the images will look, and with a print box set you can have them all :)

You will experience joy and love every time you open your family print box set.

Every time you open your family’s print box set your heart will flutter with joy!

The gorgeous images in your print box set collection may be:

  • the whole family in a couple of styles
  • one of all the kids together
  • one portrait of the parents together (because it’s been years!)
  • a  fun character shot of the kids with each parent
  • And very importantly.. a contemporary character portrait of  (your child) or children

In my experience this is the selection most families decide on and you’ll find it protects you from regrets later on.

You don’t want to find yourself saying ” I wish we had got a shot of… when we were back having them taken..”

Who takes the photo’s in your family? Often you’ll find that there is always one person that is not in the family snaps – and it’s usually Mum!

Don’t let this happen! I can guarantee in the future your kids will ask why they don’t have any lovely images of you!

Precious Family heirlooms

The other thing that you don’t realise at the time is that your box set of images will become a precious family heirloom.

And.. you’ll find that they’ll be preciously shared amongst the family later on in life, along with the jewellery and antiques.

Professionally finished portraits

will ensure that your images will last a lifetime and not fade away in a few years or wont be lost in cyber space.

  • They are great because you can get a series of special images that you can put away for when you are ready to hang them and they are still in perfect condition.
  • They will become precious memories and can be shared out with the family
  • 10 photo’s in a box set is often enough to cover every set up a regular sized family
  • The print box is perfect for storing your photos until they are framed and up on display

So don’t put off your family portraits any longer, print box sets are perfect for covering all bases and making sure that (most importantly) you have captured your family, beautifully, today!

As a specialist of Family Photography in Brisbane I’d love to help you with your portraits, feel free to get in touch here.

Let me know what images you imagine for your print box set by commenting below, or by sharing socially with the social buttons.

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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Creative family photography Brisbane

Creative family photography Brisbane

Getting portraits taken is a daunting idea for many families. Teenagers can be very reluctant to pose for snaps and not many men enjoy a long torture session of fake smiles so you are really need to think outside the square.

Being creative and original doesn’t have to mean

a 2 hour session at 5 different locations in 3 different outfits. No, that is too much for anyone. The best emotions are captured in the first few minutes. Afterthat everyone starts to get fatigued.

In just 20 minutes I can set up a family in a creative setting with relaxed faces just being themselves that will mean more to you than the over posed set ups.

Its about location, clothing, lighting, posing and feelings.

Just like a film director, I take care of all that.


Kids and their dog Newfarm

Jeans and slightly longer skirts makes it easier for those casual portraits.

Casual clothes make us feel more ourselves so with synchronised colours and tones, no-one will clash, and the clothing wont be the thing that forces you to take the portraits down and hide them in the garage in 20 years time. Remember the 70’s photo’s. Oh Dear! lets go for elegant simplicity, that way the clothes don’t define the time or people.

I suggest all in darker tones with jeans, or all in pale tones with jeans, either way. Just choose either the lighter side or the darker side of the colour wheel, not both.

It’s also best to avoid patterns or stripes, no florals or designs, no logo’s or motif, and no lace or loud jewellery.

For the young ladies I always suggest that they wear slightly longer skirts because it can get a bit ‘ungainly’ if I get you to sit on the butress of a tree or lean on each other.

Creative family photography Brisbane

happens effortlessly when you keep it simple, if you come with a sense of adventure without trying to manage how people “perform” then it always comes together nicely. I’m all about fun and together we’ll share some jokes and explore the surroundings and before you know it we’ve got the great shots – no stress I promise :)

See some more creative family photography here.

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Tips for a Successful Family Portrait Experience

Tips for successful family portraitTo ensure you have a successful family portrait experience there are a number of ways that you can prepare in advance whilst getting ready. Planning ahead helps the session to go smoothly, and results in a much better chance to capture some truly timeless photos.

Happy Babies

Have your baby dressed in neutral clothes, and then just before the photographer arrives, wrap them in a blanket and a bib for a quick feed. This helps your baby to feel calm and settled when the photographer starts to take your family portrait shots. Make sure you have their favourite toys or comforting blanket close by, and use it throughout the shoot if needed. A good family photographer will be used to working with babies, and understands that a nappy change or feed may be needed during the shoot. It’s important to remember to relax and enjoy the shoot, as your baby will be picking up on your mood!

Young Children

The most important thing to remember when getting younger children ready for a family portrait is to create an atmosphere of happy and relaxed fun. Have a calm day before the shoot, and make sure your kids are well rested and have had enough to eat. If they are a little nervous or shy, take some time to play their favourite games and make the atmosphere one that is warm and welcoming. Threatening punishment or getting annoyed to make them ‘smile’ for the camera is highly counterproductive, and usually leads to poor behaviour.

School Aged Children

The older your children get, the easier it is to help them understand the portrait process. School aged kids usually really enjoy the family portrait experience, and you won’t have to worry so much about them misbehaving. Just make sure you don’t have anything scheduled for after the shoot, so you can all just relax and enjoy the time you are spending together. Make sure your children have had something to eat so they don’t get hungry throughout the shoot.

Successful Family Portrait Experience – Teenagers

Some parents feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to how to coordinate their teenager for the family portrait. A great start is to pick a nice and casual jeans and t-shirt style look, this way your teen can dress to suit their style without looking too individual in relation to the rest of the family. Let them style their hair however they like, trying to make them ‘conform’ simply puts unnecessary pressure on the experience and this will show through in the photos. Keep in mind that teens are often self-conscious, and the idea of a family portrait can be very daunting for them. Do everything that you can to make this a relaxed and fun occasion, and the pictures will reflect this.

Family Reunions

This can be one of the hardest portraits to organise, yet it is one of the most rewarding family experiences that you will have. Be clear about what you want, both with the photographer and with other family members. Decide if you’d like any individual shots, small family group photos, and get everyone to choose similar neutral colours for their outfits. An important thing to remember is to remind everyone to leave their cameras at home – it is simply an unnecessary distraction, and can make it very difficult for the professional photographer to get everyone coordinated!

Keep these top tips in mind to make sure that your next family portrait has every chance of success.

Remember, above all, be relaxed and have fun!

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