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6 of the Best Family Photo Shoot Locations in Brisbane

family photo shoot in Brisbane

Although newborns are best photographed at home, I love planning outdoor family photo shoots. Here are 6 of the best family photo shoot locations in Brisbane!

Unlike images taken in a studio setting, which can make people feel stiff or unnatural, outdoor locations allow you and your little ones to completely relax and enjoy your surroundings.

There is a great range of locations in the area, but here are six of my top suggestions:

  1. Boondall Wetlands

The Boondall Wetlands are on the Moreton Bay, near Nudgee Beach. The area has a huge diversity of plants and wildlife, providing stunning scenery and backdrops. Much of the area is not wet or marshy as the name may suggest, although I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes! A few features include the clusters of tall, skinny trees and the various dirt paths and wooden walkways throughout the area.

  1. Beachfronts and Scenic Points

There are so many beautiful beachfronts and points that it would be nearly impossible to list them all! Nudgee Beach, Wellington Point, Victoria Point, and Southport Spit on the Gold Coast all have waterside views and wooded areas. The possibilities for shots are endless, from nestling amongst the trees and walking along paths to playing in the sand or running on the beach. Let me know if you have your heart set on a waterfront location, as I can advise you about which place is right for the time of day, time of year, and your group’s needs and wishes.

  1. Cleveland Point

Another specific waterside location worth highlighting, however, is Cleveland Point. It is about 30 minutes outside of Brisbane City and part of the bayside area. In addition to the coastal features you would expect to find, Cleveland Point has many other features. There are walking trails, trees out in the water, old wooden jetties, and the Cleveland Lighthouse. There is also a small playground for kids to enjoy as we set up formal portraits or capture a few candid ones. I often like to let children take the lead, snapping images here and there as they laugh and play.

  1. Mount Coot-tha for a Family Photo Shoot

Mt Coot-tha is well known for its incredible lookout, but there are many places in this area that are perfect for portrait sessions. In addition to hiking trails and lightly wooded areas, the nearby Brisbane Botanical Gardens are perfect for capturing outdoor images. There are also many picnic areas if you want to make a day of your session! Bringing along a lunch and taking the entire day off to spend together will help make your session even more fun and memorable.

  1. New Farm Park

New Farm Park boasts gorgeous river views, well-kept gardens, and some extremely magnificent old trees. There is also a children’s park where your little ones can run and play freely on the dragon- and castle-themed equipment. Big shade trees have helped produce some of my most stunning images, but there are also plenty of open spaces to serve as blank canvases. New Farm Park is a popular area, but I can help you find semi-secluded spots at the right time of day to get great shots.

  1. Jindalee River Rocks Park

As you probably know, this is Brisbane’s biggest riverfront park. The park offers a unique blend of open, natural spaces and industrial touches. The river is on one side, with large cement structures and industrial artifacts on the other. This space is perfect for capturing candid shots of children, as the playground is extensive. There are bike paths, sandpits, climbing nets, and more. As a bonus, the park has wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and many paths that are flat and wide for wheelchairs or strollers. Finally, there is a community garden and a water play area, offering tons of options for candid and posed portraits. Although the River Rocks Park is very popular during the weekends, it is often much less crowded during the week and could be a perfect setting for a session.

Want to Know My Secret Locations?

Every photographer has a few tricks up his or her sleeve! I know of many other locations in the area that would be ideal for a family photo shoot. If you have a place in mind for your session, let me know so I can scope it out and also see if any permits are required. Your background could be anything, including the beach, giant old trees, city architecture, or a large, open field. Contact me today and I will work with you to determine the right time, location, and poses to make your shoot a success.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Taking Spectacular Lifestyle Portraits for Brisbane Couples – Preserving Memories

Lifestyle portraits for Brisbane couplesAt their best, photographs are so much more than simple captured images. They’re also memories that you can take in visually and share with others. Professional photography in particular should take things one step further by capturing not only memories, but also bits and pieces of who the subjects really are. Portraits like these are known in the industry as lifestyle portraits.

When a couple has children, it’s relatively easy to decide how to capture what their life together is about. It’s only natural for it to be about their children and the life they all share together… but what about single couples, couples that don’t have children, or families that are about something more? I really love the opportunity to capture spectacular lifestyle portraits for Brisbane couples.

Capturing Passion on Film

Just like every family has a story about who they are, so does every couple. The trick to capturing that special sparkle on film is to hone in on what brings that couple together. Very often, that thing will be a shared hobby or interest. I find that cars, motorbikes, and other interests that are easily represented on film are great options. However, the theme of a photo shoot can certainly vary according to the individuals involved. A good photographer will be open to letting their instincts guide them.

Using Vehicles in Photo Shoots

I personally find that vehicles really do make terrific centerpieces for any couple shoot. For instance, take a couple I had the pleasure of working with a while back that not only loved Mercedes cars, but also the quiet beauty of jacaranda trees.

We knew from the get-go that combining these two interests would be a wonderful way to capture who they were as a unit, so we waited patiently for jacaranda season to arrive. At that point, we took their individual Mercedes Benz cars out to some positively gorgeous locations studded with jacarandas and started setting up our shots. One of the most priceless of these was a big panorama shot of both of them leaning on their cars on a side street lined with jacarandas. The result was pure magic – like something that belonged in a Mercedes commercial — which they were no doubt very happy with.

Making Locations Count

Homes and physical locations also make terrific superstars when it comes to really making photo shoots count. This is a perfect solution when you’re talking about not only couples, but families that have just finished building their dream homes or who otherwise have a property at the center of their current lives.

I had the unique delight of doing a shoot like this not too long ago. The family was from Brookfield and lived their lives around a lovely family farm that had been with their people for generations and featured a dam at the front. We did the shoot itself with the whole scene on the hill in the background. We even managed to capture the kids as they ran and played. It was perfection on film and the family was certainly very happy.

When you set up your shoots this way – around activities and places that mean something to people – you set the stage for something amazing. I look forward to helping you and your loved ones find your own little piece of that.

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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Spring is here – perfect family photography season!

Outdoor Family Photos

Outdoor family photos 3 boys and their beloved dog.

Pets and children are perfect for great outdoor family photos.

The obstacles to getting great family portraits

It doesn’t have to be difficult, it could be as easy as organising outdoor family photos..

Here are the typical challenges.

  • Number 1: getting everyone in your family into the right mindset – easier said than done.
  • For example, dragging the family kicking and screaming to a family portrait session can be like you were taking them to a tooth extraction – Not Fun!
  • And if you’re off to an indoor studio then that can be awkward as well – those places are all grown-up-and-serious..
  • Our hard working dedicated Dads often find it hard to leave their work thoughts behind and be in the present moment – to loosen them up they have to be worked on.
  • And our beloved teenagers.. distracted by their social media world, school politics, feeling awkward etc etc – we’ll.. they’d rather just not be there.
  • Even our pets are not their boisterous selves when they’re indoors.

The problem is that we are not our happy, carefree, relaxed, fun, joyful selves when we are indoors – it must be a deep genetic thing from our ancestors or something!

Here’s the solution, and as a family photographer it works for me every time.

Outdoor Family Photos – the fun factor

Picture this, a gorgeous big old tree overlooking a river with gardens all around. Kids playing and climbing the trees and have adventures.

Vs a pent up indoor situation where they are restricted and told off every few minutes for not falling into line.

  • The outdoors are magic, everyone can relax and be themselves and have some fun. Parents don’t feel uptight and worried about the kids and everyone is free to be genuine and act their true nature.
  • Everyone feels relaxed and casual when they are dressed relaxed and casual.
  • Bring along a favourite toy or the family dog and no-one will be thinking about performing. Its that simple.
  • The weather does affect sittings occasionally, but the upside is so great that its worth it.

Overcast skies outdoors are magic as they produce soft diffused light where no-one is squinting.

Outdoor family photos 2 sisters on the beach with the Gold Cast skyline as a stunning backdrop.

Outdoor family photos on the beach are always memorable.

Magic settings = magic moments captured forever

This is the reason I retired my indoor studio years ago. I found my families were always happier and it showed in the family portraits.

In fact what I discovered was that there’s a strategic bonus for families with outdoor photos; it becomes a memorable event, a memory of fondness, revisited every time you catch a glance of your family portraits.

I always encourage families to make the photo shoot an excuse for a family outing, an afternoon in the park, chasing the dog and kicking a ball… and then I just happen to show up with a camera ;)

Checkout my images here: family photography Brisbane

And please leave a comment about your favorite outdoor family photos, or hit the share buttons!

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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