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The Top 3 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

Sept55Taking photographs is an absolutely wonderful idea for everyone and their families. However, many times, I notice that several people are afraid because they don’t feel beautiful in photographs. It is important to you and me that you feel beautiful in portraits because I know how much you will love to get great family photographs and cherish those memories. I am going to talk about how you can easily accomplish this, capturing long-lasting memories that I am sure you will adore throughout the years!

1. Professional Photographs – Know What to Hide

A great way to feel beautiful in photographs is to get portraits taken by a professional photographer such as myself. Not only do we have the eye for great photographs, but we also know what to hide and can easily do this with posing and other tricks. Knowing the major things that people want to hide helps my clients feel relaxed throughout the session, and it always produces excellent memories that you will be proud to hang on your wall. 

2. Wear Clothes that Suit You.

Wearing certain clothes are a great way to feel beautiful in photographs and different styles can help with various issues. Let me show you a few styles that are easy to find and affordable that can easily help you feel great!

  • V-Neck Shirts: These help to slim us down in photographs, and also helps to give the illusion that we are taller. If looking slimmer and taller in photographs is something you want, simply choose a lovely white V-neck. You can easily find these at most stores, and many are very affordable!
  • Three-quarter Length Sleeves: These help your arms look great and can easily make your arms look slimmer if you wear shirts with tighter arms. Don’t go too tight though! These shirts are perfect if the day is cooler, but you can always rock these shirts in the summer depending on the material.
  • Scarves are Excellent: As we age, many of us aren’t the biggest fans of our necks. Because of this, scarves are a great accessory and are perfect to feel beautiful in photographs. Find a nice, light scarf that matches your outfit to have a lovely ensemble that will help you relax, as well as look and feel gorgeous! 

3. Lean Forward to Look Relaxed and Feel Beautiful in Photographs

One last suggestion I give my clients is that leaning forward is a perfect way to look and feel beautiful in photographs. This helps to slim your arms down, and also helps lengthen your neck. Many times, when people are staring up at the camera, their faces look radiant and gorgeous! 

You may have different things that you dislike about your body, and I want to tell you to feel free to talk to me about these. My goal is to make sure you always feel beautiful in photographs, and I am willing to help however I can. Don’t feel embarrassed – we all have things we’d like to hide! Contact me today and we can chat about your session and get some gorgeous shots of you and your family.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Photos – Evolution of a Reluctant Dad

Photos - Evolution of a reluctant Dad Family portraits can be difficult enough with all of our busy lives, but many times it is made more difficult by reluctant people with a busy schedule or a little shy and so not excited about having photographs taken. Here’s a light-hearted look at Photos – Evolution of a Reluctant Dad.

The Tentative Phone Call..

When anyone calls me for photographs, it is usually the mum or wife, and I have encountered several who have said they were not sure how they would tell their partners because he did not like getting his photo taken. Lets explore how to get photographs of a reluctant partner or father, as well as give you a few tips for how to convince them that family portraits can be fun!

Blokes Having Fun

A great way to get photographs of a reluctant partner or father is to show him different photographs of other blokes having fun. If you take a look through my gallery, you will see several different styles and fun times that will be excellent to show him. Many men seem to think that photographs are similar to when they were children where ‘Aunt Martha’ would take an hour or more constantly snapping shots of everyone together. In addition, they might think of family portraits as something that happens in a stuffy, uncomfortable studio. 

Tell Them It Won’t Hurt a Bit!

It is important to make the portrait session one that is fun in order to get photographs of a reluctant partner or father. I can take photographs of your family out at your home with your husband’s favourite pet or car; many men quite enjoy various shots with the items they enjoy. If you cannot do a session with larger items, consider bring something fun that he enjoys. If he enjoys playing footie with your children, then bring the ball with you and have them all play for some excellent photographs. Whatever it is, finding something he enjoys will help make the process much easier for him. 

Relaxed Clothing Is The Key

Another great way to get photographs of a reluctant partner or father is to have him, as well as everyone else, wear relaxed clothing. Some of the outfits that many men seem to like wearing are jeans and polo shirts. This will help him feel more relaxed at the session instead of feeling awkward like he would at a studio. This awkwardness can usually cause arguments long before the session. It is important to note that you might still have arguments as they are normal to have before the session. However, I am able to set everyone at ease once they get there, making everyone laugh and just have a wonderful time. 

Proud BBQ Stories!

These above tips will be perfect to get photographs of a reluctant Dad, and help the whole process go by seamlessly. The end product is amazing, and he will be more likely to talk about these particular portraits once you receive them. Some of my clients have phoned me and told me how their partner talked proudly about the photographs, which is wonderful! Never fear, it is possible to get great photographs of reluctant people, even your reluctant partner. Contact me today to set up a fun family session.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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How to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

family-portrait-ideaAlthough there are certainly many people out there that are exceptions to the rule, most of us tend to have a few insecurities to deal with when it comes to having our photographs taken. Naturally, we want to look our best… our most beautiful. However, ageing bodies, extra kilos, and other such flaws can make this feel as if it’s difficult to impossible.

If you find yourself feeling self-conscious about a beer belly or upper arms that aren’t as shapely as you’d like, then you should know that you’re not alone. It’s also important that you understand it’s far from impossible to have portraits taken that will allow you to be happy with how you look in them.

Choose Your Clothing Carefully

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a simple clothing choice can make when it comes to how you look in a photo. That said, you should choose the outfit you wear to have your portrait taken with care. At the end of the day, knowing what to hide (and how to hide it) is more important than knowing what to show.

Most women tend to dislike their bellies, their necks, and the tops of their arms. A smartly chosen top can cure many ills in this department! Try choosing a V-neck shirt to help contour your upper figure and make you look both taller and slimmer. If you don’t like your arms, opt for ¾-length sleeves that help contain the upper arm and make it look shapelier. Scarves do an excellent job of disguising necks that are less than perfect. If you dislike your tummy, choose a top that has a draped, flowing shape, as opposed to being overly fitted.

Many of these tips will work for men as well. For instance, most men dislike their stomachs. If that sounds like you, go for a button-down style, as opposed to a tight-fitting t-shirt that will simply accentuate everything you dislike about the way your belly looks. Longer sleeves can help disguise male arms their owners aren’t happy with as well.

Posture Is Important

Posture is another thing that can really make or break how you look in a picture, no matter what you weigh or how you look. If you feel you’re too heavy or don’t like your upper body, it’s easy to disguise your shape and make yourself look thinner by leaning forward slightly. If you dislike your tummy, consider posing in a way that positions your arms in front of it. You’ll never notice that belly bulge!

Don’t be too bashful to tell your photographer about anything you may be self-conscious about regarding your appearance either. He or she will be able to be mindful when it comes to working around it as far as the shoot goes by making the most of lighting options, professional lenses, and solid direction for poses. In the event that’s not possible, the photo can certainly be retouched later using Photoshop.

That said, don’t let worries about your appearance stop you from scheduling a professional photo shoot. You’ll love the way you look. We promise!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Getting Beautiful Photographs Featuring Children with Cerebral Palsy

portrait-young-ladyIt goes without saying that life can be incredibly stressful for modern day people. We spend long hours toiling away at our day jobs. We juggle community responsibilities with family responsibilities and the challenges that come with maintaining a personal life. The rhythm of our daily routines and responsibilities can sometimes leave little room to move when it comes to free time.

When we add a child with cerebral palsy to the mix, life becomes even more complicated. Elements like wheelchairs and special care needs can make life even more difficult to figure out at the time. Concerns like family photographs can be tough to fit into a busy schedule.

Many parents are even further discouraged from scheduling family photo sessions because they can’t imagine how the shoot will go. They’re worried about wheelchairs getting in the way or their child becoming stressed out or upset by the experience. Eventually, they let themselves worry their way out of going in for a shoot at all and miss out on the opportunity to preserve so many beautiful memories.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Getting beautiful shots of a child with cerebral palsy is a lot like getting wonderful shots of any other child. You need to start by choosing your photographer with care. Pick a professional that not only has a terrific portfolio full of shots in a style you love, but also has extensive experience working with special needs children. You’ll find that they’re incredibly patient and highly creative when it comes to making the photo shoot go smoothly for everyone involved.

I’m reminded of a time I photographed a family that included a little girl with cerebral palsy. I chose a beautiful location with easy access – in this case, a park with beautiful trees located close to a road. We simply drove up, carried this little girl to a gorgeous tree that I knew would look fantastic in the shot, and placed her underneath it. When we added the rest of the family (including the grandparents) to the shot, it was just magic. The shoot was truly enjoyable for everyone involved, including me!

Get Creative

The key to successfully shooting children with cerebral palsy is creativity. Choosing fantastic locations that make it easy to work with a child’s needs in mind is especially important. So is coming up with ways to get the entire family involved in a way that feels natural, is fun, and looks terrific on film.

Patience and involvement are also essential. When the photographer is calm, patient, smiling, and having a wonderful time, the subjects are going to be feeling the same way. In fact, many people are surprised at not only how wonderfully their shots came out, but at how great a time the entire family had during the entire shoot itself.

That said, it’s important not to let your worries or concerns about how your child’s cerebral palsy will limit the possibilities as far as a family photo shoot keep you from having pictures taken. For the right photographer, it won’t pose an issue at all.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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