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How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: Feeling Beautiful in Your Skin

photography-special-needsLooking your best for your professional family photography is something that is absolutely important to you, isn’t it? It is for so many people!

My aim is to help people feel beautiful in their photographs, and I love providing excellent tips for all of my clients.

Up next in my latest series of tips on preparing for your professional family photography session, I am going to talk about skin care. By following a few simple steps, you will feel beautiful and radiant for your family portraits.

4 Incredible Ways to Have Excellent Skin for Professional Family Photography

Just how can you take care of your skin, having an incredible glow in all of your family photos? Let’s take a look! 

  1. Create a Routine and Wash Your Face Regularly

This is great and isn’t just for family photos. In fact, great skin care and having a routine is great for everyday life.

Setting up a routine to simply wash your face every day will help you feel confident, and it will get rid of all of the dust and grim we come in contact with each day.

Your skin will look gorgeous, and when it comes time for photos, you’ll have excellent self-confidence. Right before you head out for your session; be sure to wash your face to feel fresh and confident. 

  1. Be Sure to Use the Right Moisturiser

Each time you take care of your skin, make sure you use the right kind of moisturiser. This will make your skin look stunning for photos.

In fact, before you head out for your photos, put some moisturiser on to help your skin look absolutely incredible. A great idea is to use one that has sunscreen already in it to help protect yourself when getting outdoor professional family photography. 

  1. If You Have Oily Skin, Bring Blotting Papers

“I have oily skin, and I just don’t know if I’ll ever look good in a photo; what do I do?” This is something so many people wonder when it comes time for photos.

If you have oily skin, or we are going to be taking photos while it is blazing hot outside, blotting papers a great help. This will help you easily soak up the moisture on your face, keeping your skin from being too shiny on the camera.

It will also keep you from wiping your face with your hands, which can give skin a smeared appearance. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Makeup

Something that many people wonder is whether or not they should wear makeup and how much. If you normally wear makeup, just wear it how you usually do to help you feel comfortable.

If you don’t use it, don’t be afraid to use a tiny bit to help even up your skin. You don’t even need to use much – just a bit of powder to even up your skin tone. But, if makeup isn’t for you, don’t worry! You’ll still look absolutely stunning in all of your images.

And there’s always retouching..

Sometimes we just have bad-skin days, this can happen for teenagers as well, so don’t be discouraged, we can easily fix blemishes if all the other ideas fall short.

Choose Kiss Photography for Your Professional Family Photography Needs!

If you have any more questions about how to feel confident in your family photos, do not hesitate to contact me.

I love to chat to my clients and help them feel at absolute ease with their professional family photography, giving them excellent results. We can figure out some great ways to help boost your confidence and get everyone ready to take some gorgeous pictures you’ll cherish forever.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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How to Get Your Reluctant Husband to Do Family Photography

couple-photographyThroughout my years of doing family photography, I’ve noticed that many husbands don’t often like to get their photographs taken. This could be because of childhood memories of having to stand for half an hour or more before a picture is taken or going to stuffy studios with their families. Many women are the ones who call in, and often they tell me they aren’t entirely sure how to get their husbands on board with family photography. I do have some great news, though! Wives can easily convince their husbands to get pictures done, and I am going to look at just how you can do this.

  1. Show Them Pictures of Other Blokes Relaxing and Having Fun

One of the best ways to convince your husband to get photographs is to show him other images of other blokes relaxing with their families. This can show him that other guys enjoy family photography, and that it does provide some excellent images that are perfect for your family. I have several excellent photos that you can show him, or you can ask to see your friends’ family photography, to show just how wonderful photographs are. 

  1. Tell Them About Outdoor Family Photography

As I said earlier, many people, especially men, think of stuffy studios when they think of getting family photography. However, I love doing outdoor photography because I think this captures the best, most natural relaxed smiles. When you tell your husband about family photography, tell him about getting photos done outdoors. He can play footie, chase the kids, and just have a fun time with whatever he enjoys. 

  1. He Can Wear Relaxing Clothing

I always recommend that people wear relaxing clothing when they are getting their portraits taken, and this is a great way to convince your husband. Everyone can wear jeans, nice, loose shirts or button-ups that are comfortable. Whatever is relaxing for you and all of your family is a great idea for your photos, and your husband will be very thankful he can wear relaxing, comfortable clothing. You will find that once you tell him he doesn’t have to wear stuffy clothes, that he will be more willing to get photos taken! 

  1. Feed Them Up – Give Them Lunch Bribes!

After you’ve convinced your husband to get family photography, then you want to make sure you give him lunch bribes and feed him up before the shoot. This will help him be more relaxed and happy, and if you and your kids eat as well, you all will be relaxed. Fed people are happy people, and you want your photos to be absolutely incredible!

If you are looking for excellent family photography that your husband will enjoy, then give me a call and we can chat about the session. I will help you figure out more ways to convince your husband, transforming him from a reluctant photo-taker to one that is ready to go. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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3 Tips for Getting Better Photographs of Toddlers

fun-at-the-beachNo new parent needs to be told how important it is to document every single moment and detail of their child’s younger years. Those magical days are gone far too quickly, so it is always nice to have plenty of charming photographs to look back on and help you remember what it was like when your big girls and boys were still small.

Even so, getting really terrific shots of a rambunctious toddler can be next to impossible. Let’s take a closer look at some ways you can create better, truer memories on film starring your precious little one. Here’s 3 tips for getting better photographs of toddlers.

Go for the Candid Shots

Some of the most memorable and endearing photos aren’t posed or staged in any way. They’re candid shots taken of the people we love most going about their daily business. Candids are an especially wonderful way to capture the spirit of your toddler on film.

Instead of sitting your little one down and making her say “cheese” for the camera, try breaking out the camera and sitting by patiently while she plays with her friends or the family pet. Wait patiently for spontaneous smiles and then start clicking away. You can also try engaging with your toddler from behind the lens to see if you can make her laugh or flash you a grin. You might be surprised at how easy and rewarding it is to capture simple, precious moments this way.

Embrace Close-Up Shots

Too many amateur photographers make the mistake of shooting their toddlers and babies from way too far away. While some distance or action shots are fine, don’t underestimate the value of a good close-up. They’re the very best way to capture the little details about their appearance that you love so much – tiny fingernails, long eyelashes, and the way their large eyes capture the light around them.

Close-ups are also the best way to capture the world from your child’s unique vantage point. Try getting down on the floor with your child and capturing him or her at their own eye level. You stand a better chance at capturing your child looking straight into the camera when you go this route, too.

Always Be Prepared

As a parent, you should always be prepared to capture life on its own terms. That means having your camera at the ready at all times. Young children have a way of creating their own photo ops and you don’t want to be one of those parents that is constantly saying: “Gosh, if only I’d thought to bring the camera.” Sure, there are cameras built into just about every mobile phone these days, but far too many aren’t able to generate photos that make good prints if desired.

Try buying a stylish, easy to carry bag for your camera equipment and get in the habit of grabbing it on your way out the door when you’re going about your daily business with your toddler. You never know when an unexpected opportunity to take your next “absolute favourite picture” might show up!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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3 Photography Resolutions for 2014

beach-photographyCan you believe it? Yet another year has drawn to a close and here we are, barreling full speed ahead into 2014 already. If you’re like most people, you’ve no doubt made a few resolutions this year as far as ways you’d like to improve your life and make sure this brand new year is a good one. However, it’s important to understand that a great year isn’t just about vowing to lose those pesky vanity pounds or keep your house clean.

No year is truly great if there isn’t a strong enough emphasis placed on making memories and photography is a huge part of that. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use photography to make sure you get the most out of 2014.

Make photography a habit.

Don’t worry about making masterpieces right off the bat. First focus on making photography a habit. The families that have the best, most heartwarming family albums are the ones that take pictures more or less all the time. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that those albums include plenty of everyday moments as well as pictures of special occasions.

That said, don’t just break out the camera on birthdays or other holidays like most families. Get in the habit of keeping your camera (or even your SmartPhone) close at hand so that you’re always in a prime position to capture those golden moments you just can’t plan for.

Make sure everyone’s included.

Every family is going to include a wide variety of different people, both young and old. Some are going to be absolute hams, always ready to flash a smile or strike a pose when the camera comes out. However, every family has a shy violet or two as well and those people tend to be missing from most photo sessions. The family at large realizes too late that they don’t really have any photos of this person to treasure.

If you’re usually the one behind the camera playing photographer, then you’ll want to make sure you take your fair turn in front of the camera as well. A tripod and a camera with a timer might be a good investment to ensure that your group shots are perfectly complete.

Try a professional photo shoot.

If you’ve got a truly monumental happening going on in your life right now – like a pregnancy, a new baby, or an engagement – you might want to think about commissioning a professional photo shoot to make sure this special time in your life is captured to perfection. A professional photographer will know how to dream up something that will be a true work of art that you and yours can treasure forever.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that professional shoots are only for special occasions though. As with other photos, it’s always a good time to decide to capture your family enjoying one another in your favorite places. After all, this time in your lives will never come again. Make it count!

Talk soon!

Margherita :)

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