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4 Ways to Decorate Any Space Using Beautiful Family Portrait Photos

Decorate with Family Portrait Photos

Do you have a few framed prints scattered around your home or office?

Would you like to display more, but in a way that fits with your décor?

Or, are you afraid of things looking cluttered or overly sentimental?

Professional family portrait photos are meaningful and artistic, capable of adding both warmth and polish to any room. Plus, many fine art prints are heirlooms that deserve to be on display.

The right frame and placement will help transform your décor with a personal, artistic touch.

4 Unique Ways to Decorate With Family Portrait Photos

Here are several ideas for decorating with your prints:

1. Showcase an Oversized Print

Some images are truly works of art, the kind of pictures that deserve to be displayed beyond Facebook and Instagram. Hanging an oversized picture of your loved ones in your home is a warm, eye-catching, and extremely personal way to decorate. Choose an image that will draw attention without dominating the room, and make it the focal point. Leave enough wall space around it to avoid a cluttered look. Simple frames are usually best to avoid detracting from the image, but use your artistic license! At the same time, keep in mind that not all pictures will look just as good when enlarged. In addition to having a great composition and rich colours, images that are professionally taken will have enough pixels and focus to withstand being displayed at any size.

2. Create a Grouping of Playful Portraits

Consider a blank wall the perfect opportunity to create a unique art installation. Hanging multiple images and experimenting with different wall groupings is a great way to add visual appeal and keep a room from feeling drab. Browse Pinterest or other home decorating sites for ideas, but here are a few basics to get started. It is easy to find frames that go with a room’s existing colour palette. You could, for example, pick all the same style and colour of frames, match the colour and material but in different styles, or utilize coordinating frames or complementary colours. Choose your absolute favourites to display, and either keep other prints in a photo album or rotate out framed images seasonally.

3. Coordinate with Other Mementos

Are you afraid that your family portrait photos will stick out and look too much like they are on display? While there is no reason not to showcase your family, some rooms call for a more subtle approach to decorating. Carefully considering which prints and other mementos to display will help the images blend seamlessly into the space’s existing décor, complimenting its aesthetic. Depending on the room, you might want to exhibit some of your children’s artwork, create a shadowbox display, or even buy a new lamp or end table for the area.

4. Display Images in Kids’ Rooms

Imagine your child waking up every morning to a trio of beautiful, happy family photos. The images will remind your child of a fun day spent together and all the smiles and laughs you share on a regular basis. Hang the frames high enough that they will not be bumped into while your children are playing. Also, make sure each frame is super secure in case the wall gets knocked into or shaken. Alternatively, ask about child-safe glass and framing options to help avoid any accidents.

For a fun activity, keep your children engaged throughout every aspect of the photo shoot and decorative decisions. Let them each choose which print or prints to display in their respective rooms. Then, let them pick out the frames or even decorate them! They will be proud to make such an important decision and eager to see each image in place in their rooms.

More Than Décor: Creating Family Heirlooms

When hanging your family portrait photos, the right mat and frame will help protect the images for years to come. After all, fine art prints are heirlooms that celebrate a special moment, memory, or time in life. If you do not have any recent or professional prints, consider booking a session today. Let me help you commemorate an engagement, anniversary, birth of a child, or a new home. We can also showcase the sibling bond between your children or capture a stunning, multi-generational picture while everyone is in town.

My sessions always include a mix of formal prints and more casual, lifestyle shots. I want to capture your unique bond and personalities, creating images that you will want to look at again and again.

Contact me today to learn more about planning a session. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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The Top 3 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

Sept55Taking photographs is an absolutely wonderful idea for everyone and their families. However, many times, I notice that several people are afraid because they don’t feel beautiful in photographs. It is important to you and me that you feel beautiful in portraits because I know how much you will love to get great family photographs and cherish those memories. I am going to talk about how you can easily accomplish this, capturing long-lasting memories that I am sure you will adore throughout the years!

1. Professional Photographs – Know What to Hide

A great way to feel beautiful in photographs is to get portraits taken by a professional photographer such as myself. Not only do we have the eye for great photographs, but we also know what to hide and can easily do this with posing and other tricks. Knowing the major things that people want to hide helps my clients feel relaxed throughout the session, and it always produces excellent memories that you will be proud to hang on your wall. 

2. Wear Clothes that Suit You.

Wearing certain clothes are a great way to feel beautiful in photographs and different styles can help with various issues. Let me show you a few styles that are easy to find and affordable that can easily help you feel great!

  • V-Neck Shirts: These help to slim us down in photographs, and also helps to give the illusion that we are taller. If looking slimmer and taller in photographs is something you want, simply choose a lovely white V-neck. You can easily find these at most stores, and many are very affordable!
  • Three-quarter Length Sleeves: These help your arms look great and can easily make your arms look slimmer if you wear shirts with tighter arms. Don’t go too tight though! These shirts are perfect if the day is cooler, but you can always rock these shirts in the summer depending on the material.
  • Scarves are Excellent: As we age, many of us aren’t the biggest fans of our necks. Because of this, scarves are a great accessory and are perfect to feel beautiful in photographs. Find a nice, light scarf that matches your outfit to have a lovely ensemble that will help you relax, as well as look and feel gorgeous! 

3. Lean Forward to Look Relaxed and Feel Beautiful in Photographs

One last suggestion I give my clients is that leaning forward is a perfect way to look and feel beautiful in photographs. This helps to slim your arms down, and also helps lengthen your neck. Many times, when people are staring up at the camera, their faces look radiant and gorgeous! 

You may have different things that you dislike about your body, and I want to tell you to feel free to talk to me about these. My goal is to make sure you always feel beautiful in photographs, and I am willing to help however I can. Don’t feel embarrassed – we all have things we’d like to hide! Contact me today and we can chat about your session and get some gorgeous shots of you and your family.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part2)

smile-for-the-cameraPutting off family photographs is something that many families do. I’ve taken several photographs of people who were getting family portraits taken for the first time, and their children were all grown! This is something so many of my families want to avoid, and I want to avoid it as well. Getting photographs taken with everyone together throughout your lives is such a perfect idea, and I just love taking these photographs for my wonderful clients.Why should you get photographs taken when you and your children are young? Let me answer that for you and show you why getting family portraits now is the best idea!

You Will Love Getting Family Portraits When Everyone is Young

Some of the most fun photography sessions are when I get families with young children. There is so much life and laughter, and it is a great chance for the families to capture their children at different ages. As I said earlier, I’ve taken family pictures long after the children have grown, and, while the session was fun, the parents realised how much they wanted photographs when the children were younger. When you get photographs at a younger age, you have all the energy in the world to play and laugh with your children. You will get gorgeous photographs with everyone giggling; you can even bring the family dog for more fun! 

Life Stage Portraits are Perfect for Family Photographs

One of my favourite ways to take family portraits is to do life stage photographs for families. Many of my clients absolutely love this as well. I had one mother and son who had their portraits taken every year for fifteen years. This was beautiful and really showed the growth of both! The family has moved away, but my client is so happy she has all of these incredible life stage photographs of her and her son. Another way my clients do life stage photographs is getting family portraits taken every three to five years. This is a great way to see the growth and changes within your family, capturing gorgeous memories that will last a lifetime. 

Create Gorgeous Heirlooms for Future Generations

I have several wonderful, old photographs of my family from years and years ago. I love and cherish these pictures because of the history surrounding them. When getting family portraits, you are not only getting them for the people here and now, but you are creating an opportunity to give future generations glimpses of what you were like “back then.” Grandchildren love looking through old photographs, and in a hundred years’ time, these will be images that will be greatly treasured by your family. 

Getting family portraits is such a great opportunity to spend time with each other and make beautiful memories. You will enjoy every chance you get to laugh and smile in whichever location you choose. Call me today and we can chat about your session, and I will gladly give you tips on making the most of your day with everyone!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part1)

Sept11“We need family portraits, but we can wait a few months.” A few months pass and before you know it, next year is here. Does this sound familiar? I know of so many families who go through this each year, and many never get family portraits taken until everyone is much older. Getting family portraits is something I know many families want, and portraits are perfect mementos and family heirlooms. I always encourage families to get portraits; it isn’t hard and can be done quickly! I’m going to look at why getting family portraits done now is a great idea and why you shouldn’t wait until later.

Getting Family Portraits While Everyone Is Young Is Pretty Important

Getting family portraits while you and your children are all younger is an excellent idea, and something many families wish they did. I’ve photographed families who waited years to get their portraits taken, and their children were well into their twenties. The families didn’t have professional photographs of their children throughout their lives, which is something many now regret. I know all of my clients would like great, professional photographs of their children, which is why I always encourage them to get family portraits. 

Different Life Stage Portraits for Families Show Growth

One of the best ideas for getting family portraits is doing different life stage photographs. This is something my clients love to look back through and watch as their families grow. I also enjoy seeing everyone come back three to five years later and seeing how much they’ve all changed! I’ve photographed a mother and son once a year for fifteen years before they moved, which provided some excellent portraits of them both. I’ve also photographed a couple for their engagement, before their wedding, at their wedding, and their children a few years later. They were all so grateful to do this because they all now have incredible photos to share with future generations. They also enjoy looking back through the photos, reliving fond memories. 

Family Photographs Are Perfect Heirlooms

When you think about getting family portraits and start to brush it off, remember that they make incredible family heirlooms. If you get family portraits throughout various life stages or every three to five years, you are giving future generations the ability to look through your old photographs and treasure them for generations. Your grandchildren will love looking through them, and generations a hundred years ago from now will enjoy it just as much if not more. In fact, think about how you feel when you look through your old family portraits – do you enjoy it? How much do you treasure those portraits? 

Until Next Time

If you plan on getting family portraits, give me a call, and we can chat about the different photos, locations, and how to prepare your family. We can even set up tentative dates in the future to make sure you keep getting family portraits, and do not push them off. In fact, I have several families who do this so that they don’t forget. It is a great way to continue getting those portraits for your family now and in the future. Contact me today!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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How To Feel Beautiful In Photographs

Feel Beautiful In PhotographsMany people avoid getting portraits taken or will attempt to avoid being involved in family photographs because they do not feel beautiful. It is important to me that my clients feel beautiful in photographs, so I have compiled a few ideas on how to do just this! This list is perfect for both men and women and will help you feel great about getting photographs taken.

1. Wear Loose Fitting Shirts

One of the reasons many people do not like their photographs taken is because they do not like their tummies. Many times people will wear tight fitting shirts because they are used to finding those easily in stores, but when it comes to photographs, it is important to wear shirts that are loose fitting. For men, you should wear button up shirts that are slightly loose on you. This will translate perfectly when it comes to the camera. For women, you can wear those long cotton shirts that are quite trendy currently. If you cannot find those, however, I am able to structure the shoot in such away to still make you feel beautiful in photographs. 

2. Scarves Are Great To Wear

If you do not like your neck, like many mums out there, then I have a great solution: scarves. They are perfect at covering up whatever it is you do not like about your neck, while also adding a great pop of colour to your photographs. In fact, many people quite enjoy having accessories, and a scarf is perfect for that. You can go out shopping to find the perfect one for your photographs or wear one that has been your favourite for a number of years. If scarves are not your thing, I know how to pose you in a flattering way and we also offer a retouching service. 

3. Wear The Right Sleeves

Another area many people do not like about their bodies is their upper arms. As we get older, we might find our arms getting a little softer than before, and many people want to hide that particular aging process. For women, you can find many shirts or cardigans that have three-quarter length sleeves. These are great at hiding your upper arms while also adding a great look for photographs. For men, I suggest the buttonup shirts again, but you can always roll your sleeves up to look like a three-quarter length shirt. 

In Closing, It Is Possible To Feel Beautiful In Photographs

No matter what, it is possible to feel beautiful in photographs. One of the best ways to feel beautiful in photographs is to hire a professional photographer. I use the best equipment out there to ensure you get the best photographs. If, for whatever reason, there is something you do not like in the photograph that I cannot fix with my camera, I am more than willing to send it in for retouching. When we sit down to talk about your upcoming session, do not feel embarrassed or uneasy about telling me which areas of your body you would like to hide. I want to make sure you feel beautiful in every photograph I take of you! Call me today to set up a session and get some gorgeous family portraits you will love.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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3 Ways to Protect Your Portraits

Sept29Our ancestry is a significant part of who we are; many of us have old photographs that date back over a hundred years and we all desire to keep them safe, hoping to help them last through the ages. I am going to talk today about preserving your ancestor’s photographs and protecting them so that they are able to last longer, as well as how to protect your own portraits in order for your future family members to have. This blog will discuss the various was to protect photographs and how these photographs can still last the ages due to the wonderful advance in technology.

Let Us Start With a Story

I was chatting with a father after taking some portraits and he was telling me about his family history. As we were talking, he pulled out a gorgeous old book that looked rather like a beautiful, old Bible. Inside were hundreds of photographs of his family, with some photographs being over a hundred years old. It was absolutely remarkable! His pride in his family history was absolutely beautiful. We discussed how the photos we had just taken would one day join those photos and become part of his family’s history. In order to save his family history and this wonderful family heirloom, the gentleman had professionally scanned all of these wonderful photographs and had them compiled into a book with stories accompanying each photograph. What a wonderful way to maintain one’s family history! Now, let us take a quick look at some ways in which you can have photographs that last for over a hundred years, preserving your own family history. 

1. Do Not Touch the Photographs with Your Hands

Any historian will tell you that the oils from your hands can damage old photographs or any old heirloom. Because of this, it is important to never touch the photographs with your bare hands. Use acid and dust free gloves – preferably cloth. This will keep the photographs look excellent and will help them last the ages. 

2. Protect Your Portraits by Having Them Professionally Framed

Get all of your family portraits professionally framed to help protect them against elements such as dust, which can make your photographs deteriorate quickly. When getting the photographs professionally framed, make sure they are tightly sealed so as to avoid those pesky geckos from getting to your wonderful heirlooms and destroying them. A professionally framed photograph will not only last a long while but will also look stunning when hanging in your home. When hanging them in your home, remember to keep your photographs out of the sunlight so as to avoid any fading. A darker location in your house will be perfect for any photograph. 

3. Have Your Portraits Scanned

You can have all of your family photographs professionally scanned in order to keep the history safe and alive. This will help protect your family’s portraits by making sure you will always have access to them if something terrible occurs. I can help you with some direction on scanning and am more than willing to help keep your incredible family history safe and alive! 

Your family history is important and portraits are one of the best ways to remember the stories. Help protect the portraits and the stories by following these simple steps. You will be very thankful! Give me a call today to learn more about scanning your beautiful family heirlooms.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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