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Where to Hang Your Family Portrait Photos

Where to hang your family portrait photos

Hanging framed photographs can liven up boring walls, personalise your space, and keep fun memories close at hand. However, not all walls and rooms are created equally. Your family portrait photos may begin to deteriorate if they experience too many extremes and variations in light, humidity, and heat. Here are several tips for hanging your images in a way that both protects them and adds to your home’s décor.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Although bountiful sunlight is a selling point for many homes, those large windows and open blinds can wreck havoc on your framed images. The ultraviolet radiation in light can cause fading and discolouration. Start protecting your images by using conservation glass or another type of frame glass proven to help reduce UV rays. Next, reduce direct exposure to light, including sunlight, fluorescent lighting, and incandescent lighting. There are specialty bulbs that have UV shields, but at the very least you should avoid, for example, placing a floor lamp directly beside a framed image.

Protect Against Humidity

High humidity can encourage mildew and mould growth, even around and within framed pictures. Thankfully, there are several little tips you can use to prevent this type of damage. For starters, check the humidity level in your home. Seasonal high humidity can be controlled with the help of air conditioners and other dehumidifiers. Next, try to avoid hanging any framed art in high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and small laundry rooms. Then, make sure the space you choose has good airflow to help minimize humidity fluctuations. Finally, avoiding hanging the frame close to or directly underneath a heating or air conditioning vent.

Although low humidity does not pose as many problems, it could contribute to frame damage and structural weakening. Wood expands and contracts anytime it experiences extremes in humidity. Consider, for example, how your front door swells when it rains and may stick a bit in the doorframe. The swelling and contracting may not be noticeable in a small picture frame, but it could weaken over time. In seasons of low humidity, consider setting up a small humidifier in your home.

Limit Exposure to High Heat

kiss photograpyPhotos can be greatly affected by variations and extremes by heat as well as humidity. Excessive heat can cause deterioration, contributing to fading and cracking. You may think that preventing heat exposure is impossible, especially if you turn on the heat in the summer and open doors and windows in the winter. However, the key to protecting your images is avoiding large temperature fluctuations. If your home is kept at a relatively constant temperature, your images will stay in top-notch condition. Additional tips for reducing fluctuations in temperature include:

  • Hanging items in areas with good air circulation
  • Keeping frames away from heater vents
  • Checking your fireplace and chimney for proper insulation before hanging images
  • Hanging pictures out of direct sunlight

Once you have your lighting, humidity, and heat relatively under control, the next step is finding the perfect places to hang your images.

Best Ways to Feature Your Family Portrait Photos

The options for displaying pictures are endless, including gallery walls, staircase, hallways, living rooms, kitchens, and more. For example, consider combining one to three images with the rest of the room’s décor, including furnishings and other accessories. Alternatively, choose multiple images and create a gallery wall dedicated entirely to this purpose. There are many ways to display multiple frames. If you want a collage of frames, however, plan everything out on paper and by laying the frames out on the floor before hammering nails into the wall!

When choosing the frames themselves, try sticking with a single colour palette or texture. Here are a few examples:

  • Use all the same style and type of frame
  • Use different styles of frames in the same colour
  • Mix and match colours within a set palette
  • Choose all wooden frames, or another texture

No matter how you arrange your images or the types of frames you use, however, make sure each one is fastened securely to the wall. This is especially important in homes with children. Hallways see a lot of traffic, and other rooms experience jumping, playing, and furniture being pushed against the walls. Keep in mind that your new display can be changed up as often as you would like. You can rearrange the frames or rotate in new images every few months.

Need New, Frame-Worthy Photos?

Do all of these tips and ideas have you dreaming about your wall décor? Book a session today for professional couple, maternity, infant, or family portrait photos that are perfect for displaying in your home.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: What to Wear

family-photo-shootYour family is incredible, and you know that you want to capture each moment perfectly. Taking photos with your phone is great, but what about professional family photography?

Getting professional photos done can be daunting for many because they aren’t sure how to prepare for a session. I want to set you at complete ease by providing you with a three-part series called How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography.

In today’s instalment, I am going to look at what you should wear to your beautiful session.

4 Things You Should Wear for Professional Family Photography

What to wear is a question so many families ask before getting professional family photography. And sometimes, this very question is what keeps so many from getting photos taken.

Here are a few tips just for you to make it easy!

  1. Wear Relaxing Comfortable Clothing for Outdoor Photography

I adore outdoor photography and so many of my clients do too. When it comes to getting photos taken outdoors, you should always make sure to wear something comfortable.

This will help your photos go perfectly, and you will feel incredibly relaxed when wearing comfortable clothes. This is also wonderful when you have reluctant teens or children who might get upset or fussy wearing something they don’t like. 

  1. Wear Seasonally Appropriate Clothing

Wearing seasonally appropriate clothing is tops when it comes to professional family photography.

Many people put off getting their Christmas card photos taken until summer is here. This means that all the cute, festive Christmas clothing is just too hot to wear.

I always suggest for clients to get Christmas photos taken in the winter, to help get perfect photos and save on a big rush as the holiday approaches.

No matter the season, wear something that is perfect for the weather. 

  1. Loose Fitting Clothing Makes Everyone Feel More Relaxed

Do you want to feel relaxed when you get your photos taken? Of course!

The best way to ensure you are relaxed is to wear loose fitting clothing. Something that is too tight or constricting can make photo sessions uncomfortable. But, if your clothing is loose, you will feel like smiling and will be immensely relaxed with your family. 

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes to Stand and Walk Around In

We all tend to think about clothing when we discuss what to wear for professional family photography. However, so many ignore wearing the right shoes.

Since you will be standing and walking around, you should always make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. Flats are the best, as well as shoes with great arch supports. 

Get Your Gorgeous Family Photos Today

If you have more questions about what you should wear for your professional family photographs, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I love talking to my clients and helping them get the best out of their images. Call me today and we can chat all about your session!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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3 Amazing Must-Have Ideas for All of Your Family Photographs

Three Must Have Family Portrait Ideas


Life can get very busy, which keeps many of us from getting family portraits taken. We believe that we do not have much time, as well as that we have to spend a lot on portraits and order hundreds of photographs once the session is over. The great news is that a simple session does not take a long time to complete, and you do not have to spend quite a bit of money on portraits. It is a great idea for you to take family portraits every two to three years, to capture a few simple memories. I am going to focus on a few family portrait ideas without you needing to spend a significant amount of time in a studio and feeling obligated to purchase tons of portraits.

1. Take A Portrait of The Family Together

Getting a photograph or two of the whole family together is one of the best family portrait ideas to get done every two to three years. This will capture all of the changes happening in your family while not having drastic changes like you would see if you waited ten years between sessions. You will be able to see everyone together and watch your family grow throughout the years. You will find that this is something you and your children will cherish as you all grow older. 

2. Portrait of The Child or Children

You will always want to get a portrait of your child or children. This is a perfect family portrait idea because it captures your child or children at certain times of their lives, and you will be able to have photographs of them growing up. While this can be a bit heartbreaking for all mums and dads out there, it is something that you will love to look through when you are older, and something that your children will appreciate when they are grown-ups with children of their own. 

3. Portrait of The Parents Together

One of the family portrait ideas that many people forget about is the parents getting portraits taken together. Many times, we get so focused on getting family portraits and photographs of our children that we never once consider getting portraits taken of ourselves. Just like you will cherish the above ideas, you will cherish these photos because they will be something that you will enjoy looking back at when you are older. The portraits could add a bit of humour as you get older with thoughts of, “Did I actually wear that? What was I thinking?” You and your partner will find yourselves laughing and having many times of walking down memory lane together. 

These Family Portrait Ideas Are Perfect For You

These family portrait ideas are perfect for any family to get every two to three years, and will only add up to about five to ten portraits you will want to order. How does that sound? Five to ten portraits to remember your family as they grow throughout the years sounds wonderful! Contact me about getting a family portrait taken, and we can chat about the setting and what all you are expecting from your session! I look forward to capturing your family’s memories.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Choosing the Best Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children Outdoors


beach-photographyAnyone who’s ever tried to capture really terrific shots of children that do justice to their wonderful natural spirits doesn’t need to be told what a challenge it can be. Children definitely tend to have minds of their own and getting the best out of them on your own time frame can be difficult to say the least.

Studio settings in particular can really spell disaster for the wrong children on the wrong day. The studio is hardly a place that offers the excitement and stimulation children want and need. They can’t move, run, jump, or play. They can’t touch anything either, as there’s always the worry something might get broken.  What’s more, putting children in situations like that really doesn’t bring out the best in them and that can really show up in the portraits.

The key to success lies in choosing natural environments for your shoots that allow children to play, frolic, and otherwise be their wonderful cheerful selves. Such environments make for stunningly unique portraits as well. For me this is the heart of photographing children successfully.

Playing in the Park

Parks are more than just beautiful places that make great backdrops for successful shoots. They’re also set up perfectly for bringing the best out in children in a way that really shows up well on film. I like to bring a little bit of imagination into things, the better to create an environment where everyone is having a good time.

For instance, I love telling little girls to look for fairy gardens among the roots of some of the big, knarled trees you find in parks. Little boys respond wonderfully to the suggestion that there might be dinosaurs hiding out in the same hidden places. When a child’s imagination flares after a suggestion like that, it’s nothing short of magical… and if you can capture that on film, you have a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

If the children you’re working with are in a more rambunctious mood, you can always encourage them to climb on trees or other appropriate structures. Since this isn’t a typical setting for “having your picture taken”, children really warm up to the idea quickly and you can snag some priceless shots as a result.

Add Loved Ones to the Mix

Another thing that naturally brings out the best in a child is adding their parents or a beloved pet to the shot. I’ve gotten some wonderful shots of children captured while playing peek-a-boo with their parents or running through puddles with the family dog. Add loved ones and favorite games that can’t help but make a child smile to a fantastic location and you’ve just set the ideal scene for a shoot.

At the end of the day, the idea is to take the children out of their everyday environments in such a way that they’re no longer focused on the business of posing for pictures. They’re simply being themselves and everyone’s having a good time… including the photographer! What better way to make memories than by capturing genuine fun, happiness, and enthusiasm on film?

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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How to Hang Wall Art

When you receive your new family portraits the first question is how to hang wall art.

How to hang wall art. It’s both exciting and rewarding.

When you think about how to hang wall art it can be a little daunting.

Receiving a collection of portraits is very exciting but hanging them isn’t something we tend to do every day.

How do you hang them? what rooms are best?

Should you put little clusters together and spread them around the home or should you group them all together on one big wall?

What are the pro’s and con’s of framing a large group of portrait prints into the one frame?

Deciding how to hang wall art

The truth is that there is no right or wrong, but after many years of helping hundreds of families with their portraits, here are some suggestions.

Your family portraits will bring you lots of joy and happiness and deserve to be in the rooms you spend the most time in relaxing and living with your family.

Many families move posters or copy art and older images off prime walls and put up their latest collection in those spaces.

Families also select their favourite image of the family and/or the kids to enlarge as a feature and then scatter the other images around the home.

Step back and gaze :)

If  you have a good eye and a spirit level you can DIY. I regularly use 3M hooks because they don’t damage the walls and are easy to reposition if I don’t get it right.

For larger heavier portraits, or tricky locations (like above stairs) more solid hooks will be required. There are professional art hanging trades people that will look after everything. I found the person I use through a local art dealer/gallery.

I always put my portraits on the floor and arrange them until I am happy with the set up. I then take a snap shot of how I want them to be and use it as a guide as I start hanging.

Classic elegance

When considering how to hang wall art and family portraits classic frames offer durability and versatility.

Classic frames offer great long-term protection for your images. They are also versatile.

If you are considering putting several prints into one large frame, I would recommend you consider individually framing them and hanging them in sets.

That way you achieve the same affect but in 40 years time, if you decide to downsize your home you don’t have one huge piece you need to find a home for.

They can all be easily spread around and enjoyed for many generations.

Keep in mind that your portraits are for life and your home may change over the years and there will be others who will love to inherit them in the future.

Avoiding ‘accidents’

When selecting spots to hang your memories, select protected walls out of the thoroughfares so they cant be knocked off by boisterous traffic (think teenage boys).

Believe it or not over the years I have been called to replace/repair images that have had an accident ;)

Also try to avoid high wind areas and direct sunlight because it will fade even the best professional prints.

In home advice

Because I do in-home image viewing and ordering sessions I can personally share more hanging ideas with you when we get together.

But most of all, be prepared to find yourself smiling at your walls lost in fond memories of the past :)

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favourite room to hang images would be, or share it socially!

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Photography Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Photography Sessions

What NOT to wear for a family photo session

When it comes time to book your family portrait with a family photographer like Kiss Photography in Brisbane, you might feel like you have a whole range of important questions that you’d like answered. There are so many important things that you need to consider, however here are some of the most frequently asked questions about family photography sessions.

What Should We Wear?

Go for neutral colours and avoid bold patterns, textures or stripes. You don’t want to look ‘matching’ as such, but a cohesive scheme helps to bring the focus of the portrait onto your family and not simply their clothes. For the ladies your own conservative style of makeup and a quick trip to the hair salon is the best way to achieve an elegant and timeless look.

When is the Best Time to Book a Portrait?

Today! The longer you wait to organise your portrait, the more likely you are to keep leaving it until it is too late. With the kids growing up so fast and life taking unexpected turns, you don’t want to be regretting your decision to delay. As for the actual portrait time itself, late afternoon is one of the most flattering lighting situations, however a quality photographer will be able to work at whatever time suits you the best. The whole process will normally be finished within a 30 minute session.

How Can I Make Sure Everyone is Ready for the Portrait?

Parents often worry about getting their children ready for the portrait, but it’s actually quite simple. Make sure the kids have had plenty to eat and are feeling calm and settled, and bring along any toys or comforting blankets for the little ones. Older children should be able to understand the situation, and will probably be quite excited about the experience. The most important thing to remember is to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere, so that the photographer can capture your family having fun and truly being themselves.

What If We Don’t Like the Photos?

It’s essential to talk to your photographer about any satisfaction guarantees that they might offer in relation to your portrait. Take the time to research their previous work, and make sure that you really connect with their particular style. Read as many testimonials as you can to get a feel for how the photographer interacts with families, as ultimately, this is what can make or break a family portrait. At Kiss Photography, you can relax with the peace of mind presented by the All Smiles™ Guarantee. The photographer at Kiss stands by her ability to capture everybody’s real smiles, every time. The result is a fun and natural family portrait that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

Remember, if you have specific questions that you would like answered, simply contact your photographer. A true professional will be more than happy to spend the time answering your enquiries and giving you tips and advice to ensure that you get the most out of your family portrait experience.

Your turn! – Frequently Asked Questions about Family Photography Sessions

Please feel free to contact us with your questions about family photos and we’ll add them to the list.

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