Child Portraits: Getting the Best Photographs of Your Children at Any Age

hug-my-sisterI’ve been in the photography business for several years now, and one thing that I love doing is taking child portraits for families. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to photograph children who are all grown up and have children of their own, and let me tell you, that is an amazing experience! They always talk about the portraits they have from when they were certain ages, and now want to get similar ones to compare to their children and create amazing memories. This is such a lovely idea, and I think it is perfect for all families to get child portraits. Let’s look a few other reasons why this is such a great idea!

Catching Those Beautiful Milestones

One of the best things about child portraits is that I am able to capture milestones, helping you remember them all in gorgeous, vivid detail. These milestones range from when your children first sit up on their own to their first teeth and when they lose those teeth. Every year has a milestone, and it is perfect to capture those, even well into the teen years and early twenties. It is never too late to get family photographs taken, and you and your children will love the photos as time progresses. 

Child Portraits Allow for Gorgeous Candid Shots

Getting child portraits at young ages gives you the opportunity to have stunning candid shots. Many people think that when their children are young that photographs will be too stressful, however if you simply relax and have fun, it will be a fun experience. I had one family where the young girl was at the age where she could run away and enjoyed escaping her parents. Her father would chase her, pick her up, and tickle her before putting her back under the tree. Those created some delightful, gorgeous photographs. I was able to capture her cheeky little grin with her little teeth showing. 

Photographs are Great Mementos for You and Your Children

I had one client that I photographed as a baby through his kid years, and he now has children of his own. Getting child portraits gave him the ability to see how similar his children looked at the same age, creating gorgeous mementos for all. I was able to capture stunning images of his children that were similar to his child portraits, as well as create new, wonderful images. He appreciates the photographs he has, and his children will love having all of theirs and his together. Getting photographs of your children throughout the years is a perfect way to create long lasting memories that your children, grandchildren, and so on will cherish forever.

If you are wondering whether or not child portraits are for your kids, I believe they are! Contact me today, and we can chat about photographs, and I can help you decide on great location spots and ideas for the portraits. I can also give you excellent suggestions on preparing your children for photographs, making sure the process is fun and relaxing for all of you. Contact me, today!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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